Would you be seen wearing adidas these days?

Holy mother of Jesus, what happened to the plain but smart tracksuits with three stripes, then? Or the three-leafed logo that was cleverly replaced by three cannabis leaves on printed t-shirts in the Costa Brava and re-branded "Adihash"? Oh, my sides.

A new range of adidas Originals clothing has been launched for Autumn, and Bitterwallet promises* to pay you £5 every time you see somebody dressed in any of these vision-curdling outfits of their own accord:

* we obviously promise no such thing



  • Paul
    Unfortunately there are still plenty of chavs who delight* at this news *ruin/terrorise perfectly good public areas and the like
  • Will
    You & Me, Crawley, few months time. Me=rich. You=poor.
  • acecatcher3
    deary me, awful
  • Dan
    tbh they still do the plain Adidas logo stuff as well...
  • Rod D.
    theyre g-r-r-eat
  • Rob L.
    This is a joke, right?! Reminds me of the outfits that ex-jailbird boxer Prince Naseem Hamed used to wear in the ring.
  • tracey g.
    going to be sick
  • pauski
    My name is not Scott, I really hope offer a better selection of names, just like them personalised mugs you can buy.
  • robstar
    You is a duffouss.... Of course Adidas makes adidas-wear for Tony the Tiger. Also, the Brittish army, as I am guessing that you are a Brit promising £ instead of € or $... Well, the Brittish army uses adidas ponchos. And of course, for the gay Britton, you choose whichever of the 3 outfits YOU LIKE I just googled Adihash to convince my cousin of apparel made out of hemp, but itmakes me wonder how YOU found such Gay apparel. I'm betting you are not Tony the Tiger, nor are you a british forces soldier. I BET U R A BRITISH FORCE OF BAREBACKING, THOUGH...

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