Worst 'slow news day' article ever (no, not this one).

7 August 2013

Reporters over at The Gloucester Citizen are really scraping the barrel with their "Is this chip served up at a pub the biggest in Gloucestershire" article.


As you can see from the comments, their readers were not impressed by the size of the chip or the article itself.

(Inb4 'slow news day BW?').


  • And you think an article based on someones 'slow news day' article is better?
  • Gordon B.
    The woman who 'sent it in', Laura Enfield, is a reporter for the newspaper. Chances are the pub named in the article gave her a free meal in exchange for a mention. Still, the paper has probably quadrupled its ad income revenue with all this exposure, so she's probably due a promotion.
  • Chewbie
    WTF is dis real
  • Mustapha S.
    Ben Telford? Have BW finally got shot of Lucy?
  • Captain W.
    Why does Laura hold her knife and fork the wrong way round? That's bigger news than the chip, frankly
  • Captain W.
    Either that, or she holds them the right way round but eats like a spaz
  • fibbingarchie
    “Is this chip served up at a pub the biggest in Gloucestershire” It might be, but how do we know the crockery and cutlery pictured isn't for midgets?
  • Dr B.
    It looks like the chip by the knife might be bigger but a long way away.
  • Cereal G.
    Is it just me, or is that Chip eating that fork.
  • fuck-off-Lucy
    Not as big as the chip on Lucy's shoulder (naturally) Frankly surprised she hasn't mentions wimmins issues, rights & castrating male genitalia, but given time she'll find something else to write about in her usual blinkered manner. I now play spot the Lucy Sweet story, Don't count the clicks, I merely hit the story based on it's tagline to see if i'm correct (sadly yes more often than not based on her stale harpy-ish style of writing. the daily mail is looking like a winner all of a sudden compared to BW with lucy bitching on, yes bitching, make of that what you will.
  • Big M.
    Steak =meat=penis=oppressing women=rape with a steak knife as pictured. There you go Lucy now you have a go at this one.
  • Accuracy N.
    Have I missed something? I don't recall any castration articles. Where was I when I had the chance for moral indignation? In bed with with the last two poster's mothers I suppose . . .

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