Worst football merchandising ever – part 3: the West Ham bobbleheads

As part of our relentless quest for the crappiest football merchandise available in the UK, we’ve been to Newcastle to see Why Aye Man and Liverpool to witness the horrors of the Anfield shirt.

Now we’re in East London, and we’re feasting our eyes on something smaller, but no less horrific. West Ham United fans, please form a line and explain to us the appeal of… the David Gold and David Sullivan bobblehead figures.

As the official Hammers site explains, ‘The American craze for bobbleheads has hit the UK’. Erm, what craze? We don’t think it’s been all that widely reported over here. Never mind though – at only £11.99, why the hell wouldn’t you want to own a nodding figurine of the men who sign the cheques at the football club of your choice?


  • w0nKeY H.
    Those crazy Americans...we haven't seen the likes of two Davids since the SDP/Liberal alliance, it's got to be a winner! Oh Andy, what has happened to all the Apple articles, I think we should have more of those. I met Andrew on the London Tube once, "How do you like them apples", I said to him - he didn't reply.
  • Chris S.
    Must be aimed at serious collectors. My colleague has an Aston Villa gnome that's bordering on awful.
  • billybob
    Nope, found something worse! http://shop.mcfc.co.uk/stores/mancity/products/product_details.aspx?pid=98748 hahahaha

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