Worst football merchandising ever - part 2: the Anfield shirt

A week or two ago, we were amazed and bemused by the Why Aye Man costume that is being pimped over in the Newcastle United online club shop. At £50 (minus the wig) it’s a staggering waste of money but we can be consoled by the fact that it’s pretty much only supposed to be worn in a fancy dress environment, or on match days, which is kind of the same thing.

But now, from Liverpool FC, we have this… the stadium shirt.

liverpool shirt

Fans of ‘the Reds’ can now be ‘inside Anfield’ all the time with this highly desirable garment that will in no way make you look like a detestable bell end. It’s like a Hawaiian shirt but with the Honolulu feel replaced by essence of Bootle and Knotty Ash.

Forty quid if you want one. Endless guffawing for free if you don’t.


  • guv
    Typical review without having seen it in the flesh. I bought one and wear it down the pub with the lads all the time and it works great as a novelty.
  • Gunnem H.
    Should be mandatory for all fans, makes the cocks easier to spot in the wild.
  • Dick
    @guv - I bought one and wear it down the pub with the lads all the time and it works great as a novelty. If you wear it all the time, it is hardly a fucking novelty is it.
  • Tomas
    It just sums up soccer fans. No intelligence just follow the herd mentality.
  • Soccer F.
    @ Tomas - Soccer? SOCCER? Did you see Mike Owens head ball for Great Britain in the Soccerball World Series?
  • Idi A.
    @Soccer Fan I saw that! Mike had an awesome semi.
  • Soccer f.
    When are they going to release one of Hillsborough 1989?
  • Chewbacca
    @Dick Learn to "do" quotes properly, you moron.
  • crap
    This article itself is complete dog shit, but the reviews of the shirt are amazing. The Best Shirt in The World I bought this cracker the other day with some vouchers I got after I retuned the Bill Shankly Jacket – Net spend £0, stitch that Hicks. I’m keeping this one though, this shirt is the final piece of the jigsaw for my wardrobe, I’ll never walk alone with this on. The material itself is the best in the world, the makers are obviously the most knowledgeable tailors in the world as the attention to detail is world class. It’s the little things that make this shirt so special, 6 buttons on the front – 6x3=18, 18+1 = 19, 19 Times. (Wow, how did they get that in?). Also the two sleeves, and the collar; sleeves have two sides so 2x2 = 4 (the sleeves)+ (the collar) 1 = 5, madness, 5 European cups. It’s only Liverpool Football club who could have done this.
  • Russ
    At least the Why Aye Man thing was amusing, you could wear it for a giggle.
  • guv
    The shirt is a novelty. It's meant to be unusual and different so there's no point comparing it to the usual shirt you come across and buy related to football. You shouldn't be so angry young man!
  • guv
    That was @ Dick by the way (and a very appropriate name clearly!)
  • Dick
    @guv It is not a novelty if you wear it all the time though is it? Dipshit.
  • jt
    I've bought one for each of the Liverpool squad in the hope that it will help them remember where the goals are at Anfield.

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