Worst Company UK: The Semi-Finals Are Here!

Phew.  So we've had a few hiccups with the polls over the holidays, but we're getting there! :)

The final 4 contenders to Worst Company of the UK have come down to: Virgin Media, Setanta, Three, and Carphone Warehouse.

Today's round is probably one of the most important of all - as it shall decide who the 2 finalists will be going head to head tomorrow.





  • ODB
    I dont believe for a second that Paypal and Ebay have not got through!! Never seen as much hatred towards companies as them...yet there not there? WTF???
  • tyke
    how are paybay not there ??? and setanta/virgin media are one thhing!
  • Mike
    Okay I agree with top two comments. Where the hell is PayPal?!! By far the worst. No question. No other companies policy is to steal money. How can anything be worse than a bank that allows deposits but then doesnt give you anything back?! People have twisted minds here, or are simply uneducated! PayPal is the worst fucking 'company' the earth has probably ever seen AND allowed to keep going as it does.
  • MR C.
    I do hope this site or polldaddy never get their mits on a local/general election. Heck, couldn't keep count in a kiddies 5-a-side football match. For me: Ebay & Tiscali (even if they are classed as "British" here) should be joint winners of this. The companies above are small fry in comparison.
  • Paul N.
    Three smoked Paypal with 72% of the vote: http://www.bitterwallet.com/worst-company-uk-round-14-3-vs-paypal-and-setanta-vs-dixons/5212
  • MR C.
    Like Sadam Hussein won when he got 100% in his "election"? He didnt use Polldaddy did he?
  • Paul
    It's strange... I'm a cynical old git and yet the companies I really expected to triumph in this poll are not there anymore. Ebay / Paypal - This company rips EVERYONE off, left, right and centre. Their latest scam - they hold a buyers money until the buyer claims (s)he's received the item. The seller has to send the item before receiving payment!!! I'd like to try that in a supermarket. Walk out with a shitload of food and turn around to the cashiers and say... "I'll pay you next week... my bank is holding the money". I can see a lot of buyers just claiming the goods never arrive. That way they get their money back. And WTF happened with Dixons / PCW / Currys? The amount of times I've gone to buy something in PCW or Currys only to be told "sorry... we don't have that in stock. We only have the display model and you can't buy it". Meanwhile... I use both Virgin and Three. With the exception of 3 now using paperless billing, I have no complaints at all! In comparison to Skys overcharging and BT's useless telephone systems... I'd better stop now I think! Sorry, but this is a joke.
  • Dave
    CPW should walk this
  • michael
    I thought this was actually going to name and shame some of the worst companies, but its a joke now. i just voted for all 4 comanies, you can tick all 4 boxes and select vote and it allows it. Wonder how many paypal employees were clicking on here for the quarter finals. Also, the layout was poor, ebay/paypal are same company, as are setanta/VM, as are the DSGI companies that were up... my 350 votes for the final will go to 3 though, due to their shitty mobile broadband and rubbish sims.
  • scribbles
    Setanta wins this outright. Shocking company.
  • Joe
    As said above Tiscali/Paypal/Ebay should have easily won this. I have had some dealing with customer service for nearly every company in the competition and these are by far the worst. CPW/Virgin/Three actually provide some sort of customer service unlike Tiscali with their clueless foreign telephone support and Paypal/Ebay who I have never received any sort of support from except generic unpersonalised email replies and telephone support monkeys who continually read off a script.
  • batesie
    this is a bit pointless and only a few hundred votes a time, it isnt really a true poll, i was expecting paypal, british gas and BT to be in the final but hey-ho...
  • Pongo U.
    Agreed with everything said; PayPal/eBay wipe the floor with everyone for not just ripping people off but their "customer service". How many times can one person vote? Because I suspect foul play or the exchange of brown envelopes stuffed with used notes.
  • junk
    How many times can one person vote? Depends if you know much about making cookies? "Self Raising" Flour anyone?
  • Martin
    Contrary to other comments, Setanta and Virgin Media have separate ownership. They did, however, jointly launch "Setanta Sports News", and Virgin Media is a wholesale customer of Setanta on the Virgin Media platform. Setanta sells its services directly to the customer on some platforms, however, and as a subscriber to their service via the Sky platform, I've found their customer service to be the worst experience I can recall. Whilst some seem shocked that their personal dislikes have been eliminated, I'm equally convinced that Setanta warrant their place.
  • poooo
    This is pants, none of these companies have even looked at me funny to warrant them being the "worst". Ive had dealings with all of them, and all have been fine. Tiscali had 1000+ votes in one poll, the highest here is setanta with a measly 235. Now dont get me started on Ebay, Paypal, Tiscali, BT, Tiscali, Ebay & Tiscali. Grrrrrrr. #runs off and creates own poll.
  • sedgwick
    I think my TalkTalk phone/broadband package is great , a stonking bargain compared with BT etc, nothing cheaper out there, and no problems with service. I get a healthy 8mb connection for free! Now eBay that's a different story.....
  • James C.
    Virgin Media and Carphone Warehouse are both looking to implement a new spyware system. Just as everyone else is cleaning their home PC of adware/spyware, Virgin and TalkTalk are trying to trick their own customers to be spied on.
  • Rockgeek
    I am guessing not many people know of the poll... and many people possibly use 3 more than PayPal. I've been with 3 for 3 years (ooh) and not had a single complaint. The same can not be said the same for PayPal. I dare say if each customer knew about this poll, PayPal would walk away with the prize of the worst company ever. They are truly fucking shit IMHO.
  • Fred
    I would say that the worst company to work for at the moment is any company that shouts about how great they are, how many awards they have one for being a great place to work and yet when things get a bit tough instead of sticking with their employees and working as a team to get through the rough times shed jobs just to save their own profits as partners. The company BDO Stoys. Never ever ever work for them. They are not listening to even their own partners when they question why people are up against the wall and on the list. They should be stripped of their awards as they can only count when a company stands up tall and is counted when the going gets tough. All the partners care about are their profits not their employees. Good people are being let go not through due process but because one person has chosen them over another not because they have been late for work or ill or have bad reviews. But because they are dedicated and have had great reviews, are respected, and get great results. I suspect their managers are threatened. No wait. Their managers have never seen them perform so how can they make decisions. Total rubbish.
  • Naz
  • The I.
    I guess no one here works or worked for GROUP 4 SECURICOR. We've a saying there that goes: G4S don't provide good working conditions, but if they did, they would provide the worst conditions EVER. Be aware of the clean shirts and vans .... its all a hidden image. The shit that goes behind the curtains ....
  • Sulky S.
    Hands and feet above them all is LG A workplace so oppressive even the furniture is depressed. Korean culture means no women in senior jobs at all, no one other than Koreans as senior management team, so CEO, CFO etc, not one single woman director. Many teams in LG Slough run on fear, fear of upsetting the Koreans as they just sack people or they vanish overnight, with pay offs. Customer service does not exist and internally you cannot say the mobile or TV does not work or is rubbish even if it is, they cannot be seen to lose face and no one will complain to anyone more senior than them. Hence why they have no IPhone rival still. The want to be number 1, yes number place not to work in the UK
  • Gilberto C.
    I don’t agree with your publication. Best Regards Thomas.
  • ernie t.
    having had the misfortune to work for them i can't believe CRapGemini haven't walked away with this competition.

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