Worst Company UK Round 3 : Three vs Royal Mail and Littlewoods vs Sainsburys

Yesterday's contest was with BT vs Redsave and Virgin Media vs Santander.  Winners of Round 2 go out to  BT and Virgin Media.

But Redsave and Santander also had their fair share of comments from you lot:

Reader Zeke: Gotta be redsave for me, blatantly ripping us off with underhand monthly charges. Campaign starts here, redsave for gold medal!

Reader Thrustmaster: Keep in mind that Santander own Abbey, Alliance & Leicester and Bradford & Bingley. Like most companies they have a large proportion of customer service advisors in India. They were also recently in the news for announcing that they will cut 1900 jobs.

You can read the rest of the comments here.

The 3rd round today sees the face off between Three vs Royal Mail and Littlewoods vs Sainsburys.

And you know the drill by now, my friends.  Just pick the company of your choice below, and click submit! Have fun.

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  • Mr I.
    Worst website on the net poll: Google vs Bitterwallet. And the worst website on the net goes to.... Bitterwallet.
  • Martin
    Royal Mail for me ... I can live my life without 3, but until we have decent competition for mail delivery we have to live with RMs poor standards. Even forgetting the price changes, things like leaving "you were out cards" without even knocking just so they don't have to carry any parcels, three Christmas cards received so far this year have been opened and even just finding another half a dozen red rubber bands in my garden pisses me off. Goodbye Sainsburys ... you never had a chance of going through up against Littlewoods.
  • ungulator
    Mr Internet, google vs bitter wallet? hardly a comparison, google is a whole range of services, and pretty much THE internet (youtube etc.) which leads me to believe you are a grumpy, ungiving and rude interent mewtardtroll! re: royal mail, the problem is not the delivery service it is having to wait in a massive queue while people pay their bills and wrongly filled in car tax etc, too many services, ripe for annexing by a company that offers just postal services and/or internet postal payment!
  • Willingpunter
    Well for me the Royal Mail is just fine. The postman is cheerful, crosses the road to deliver to me early if he sees me, leaves the parcels with neighbours and the parcels get taken back to the local PO if they cant deliver (not somewhere 10 miles away as with DHL, CityLink etc) . Be careful what you wish for......
  • Mike
    Littlewoods for me - blatent underhand tactics like freely available vouchers on the net which they then remove from your account 3 months down the line giving you no chance of returning purchases! Three - Useless customer service, by far the worst Ive ever experienced.
  • Simone
    Littlewoods by far! For accepting orders in November for Christmas and then failing to deliver on those orders a week before Christmas without informing the Customer!!! Poor customer service, both on the telephone and emails. No complaints department, unless you write to them, Which I will be doing!
  • Matt B.
    Who put Three up against Royal Mail? Royal Mail - a company that has the balls to put 'with us it's personal' on the cards you only ever see when they've fucked up. And Three who have customer services in name only. They've basically annexed customer services from the rest of the company so that nobody there is in a position to help you at all. Well, it's got to be Three.
  • tony_s1
    How can you compare Three (a mobile phone company that probably about 1% of the UK population has used at some time) with Royal Mail (a company that most of the population comes into contact with on a regular basis). Have you ever thought of employing an editor who knows what he's doing? Mr Internet has probably got it about right!
  • chazz
    Three vs. Royal Mail - I would like to vote for both as worst
  • Pete
    Can someone explain how / why eBay are even on this list ? It seems totally ridiculous. Why not say Loot magazine are the worst because some guy shafted me when buying an old wardrobe ? eBay is only as good / bad as the sellers who use it, no ? -- Pete
  • rr
    1. how did redsave not "win" yesterday, they are fraudsters 2. what problem does that poster have with india? seeing as ive had problems with UK call centres as much as indian ones, id suggest the problem is that they are staffed by uneducated chavs (i can vouch for this as i worked for a week at HSBC during a summer holiday) 3. Royal Mail arent that bad. DHL are a lot worse. They deliver packages to the wrong address, throw customs declarations in the bin and cause so many other problems....then refuse to issue compensation or refunds
  • rr
    pete - NO ebay are bad as they rip sellers off....seeing as i pay them £200 per month in fees i dont expect to get zero customer service and I definetly dont expect them to always take the buyers side against the seller
  • Iain
    3 tells lies and are completely unhelpful once they've got you hooked. Their Asian call centre is a joke, round and round in circles you go with them. Lies lies lies and mis-information. STAY WELL CLEAR OF HUTCHISON 3G.
  • kingkev
    Well have had experience with a number of these companies. A previuos question was why ebay are on the list. I would assume because you can purchase an item from a seller, the seller can be removed from ebay for selling fake goods but when you ask ebay they say they are bound by confidentiality agreements. So you can be left with fakes without knowing it! But my vote goes to setanta sports, worse customer service ever and they give you the runaround when trying to cancel or reclaim money back, I would classify them as the new orange of the cyberworld!
  • Worst B.
    [...] Those of you who predicted that Three and Royal Mail would run a tight race yesterday were absolutely right. As of midnight, 283 votes for Three barely beat Royal Mail’s 273 into the next round, while Littlewoods trumped Sainsburys by over 400 votes, winning at a whooping 88% of votes.  Here’s a few selected comments from yesterday’s round: [...]

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