Worst Company of 2012 - Virgin Media v BBC

Here’s the second of our Worst Company in 2012 vote-offs. This time it’s between modern broadcasting oafs Virgin Media and old-school broadcasting oafs the BBC.

You’ve got until the end of Wednesday to let one of them have it and all the other quarter final polls can be found here


  • Monday
    If only TV licence was optional!
  • Terry
    It is optional.
  • Alexis
    Yep, I look forward to my monthly threatogram from Capita.
  • Her L.
    How have either of these two companies made it to a vote-off? It's like choosing between the Dalai Lama and Mother Teresa.
  • Monday
    OK it's optional that you get a TV I guess, but what if I have a telly but don't watch the BBC?
  • Mr M.
    ...If the Dalai Lama hid kiddy fiddlers and Mother Teresa had a beard and travelled everywhere in a hot air balloon.
  • Sicknote
    BBC for using my money to play pass-the-kiddie for years.
  • Haggis
    @ Mr Miagi, It's perectly legal to own a TV if it is 'not installed' to receive a live television signal.' So it is perfectly legal to own a tv for watching DVDs, playing computer games, watching catch up TV services online without a TV license. Playing devils advocate I'd suggest that it would not be possible for the TV licensing folk to prove that your TV was receiving a live signal without entering your home. (If the detector vans did in fact exist they would be in breach of numerous privacy laws) And they have no legal right of entry. So you can tell them to sod off back to their thundercunt, corporate welfare scrounging employer Crapita.
  • Haggis
    Oops sorry was supposed to say @Monday
  • Santa C.
    Why is the BBC an option? Who nominated it? Divs.
  • Dick
    Is the result of the poll fixed again this year? If not, Jim'll Fix It for you.
  • Monday
    Thanks Haggis, Unfortunately everyone I know that tried to prove that they were (validly) not using the TV to receive signals got screwed by the TV licence people anyway and got taken to court. Our word against theirs, bloody cowboys :(
  • Mr M.
    @ Monday Just ignore the letters you recieve, if someone ever comes round asking to check you're not receiving a broadcast tell them no. There's no 'detecting vans' to worrry about, the only thing you should make sure is they can spot you watching tv through a window, they can prosecute based on this!
  • Yodel A.
    Abolish the paedo fee!
  • Spencer
    BBC.... just for the fact that it's basically a tax payer funded paedophile ring....
  • Jack T.
    I don't want to pay for either but I'm forced to pay the kiddy fiddlers at the BBC. Fuck the BBC. Shitty repeats of crap. Fuck the BBC.
  • Santa C.
    @Jack Of No Trades iPlayer, radio stations, the best news site on the web, fantastic sports (especially Olympics) coverage... One paedophile off of the 70s. Yeah, fuck 'em. Imbecile.
  • Jack T.
    Fuck off Santa Piss-head Claws. We are forced to pay way over the odds this shitty BBC. £4 BILLION a year. I can choose if I want Sky and decide what package I want to pay for. I can choose Virgin and decide what package to pay for. iplayer = skygo, ITV on demand etc. So fucking what. radio - can't stand the ignorant arrogant champagne socialists shits on Radio 4 and 5, no-one listens to radio 3, radio 2 - Chris Evans is OK (falls asleep). Does anyone know if radio 1 still exists? 6 & 7 - I'll let you know when I meet anyone who listens to them. sports....wtf......Sky has revolutionised the whole coverage of sport for decades now. The olympic coverage was not that good, in no way special, and cost way more than a commercial broadcaster would have. Who doesn't record MOTD so they can skip throught the naff comments? How about the Jubilee coverage? Shocking and embarrassing. Typical civil servant mentality, shafting the public who pay their fiddled expenses and pay-offs. You dumb fuck-wit. Bet you work for the BBC and read the Guardian (and actually believe it).
  • Jack T.
    This poll was rigged by BBC employees.
  • Santa C.
    No, wrong on both counts - I work for neither and don't read the Guardian. So you don't watch/listen/use any BBC product?
  • MaybeMe
    Last year I got a BBC licence for the first time in years because I use the BBC websites and occasionally iplayer and thought it only fair I contribute. Even though their marketing says you pay for 12 months, for the first licence you actually don't because they're still back in the 1950s and to *ahem* reduce their costs, they end the licence at the end of the month prior to you buying it. Worst case it means you pay for 12 months and only get 11, in my case they cheated me out of 24 days. It may have only been £9.53 but it's still shonky and for anyone but the bbc, Trading Standards would have had them. Since I don't watch tv it was no hardship not to renew it. As for Virgin, I have to say there are far worse companies out there. Yes, virgin seem to think that customer service means their sales staff don't work on the weekend, so they lost me as a customer to another, even suckier, provider when my phone broke one weekend and they took a payment from me after I'd moved my broadband and never repaid it but in the great scheme of things, they're not as crap as some.
  • Raggedy
    @Jack of All Trades You paid £4 Billion?!? They really saw you coming, didn't they?
  • Yodel A.
    That's a hell of child sex ring to be able to rig this vote.

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