Worst Company Of 2011 - the first quarter-finals

wcb-2011-deal Following your frenzied vote-casting, we've whittled our way down to the eight worst companies in the UK over the past year. They are (in no particular order) eBay, TalkTalk, Vodafone, Santander, Tesco, Yodel, BT and Groupon. Now it's time for four more of them to be eliminated.

Here's the first two quarter-final showdowns - first up we have nightmare courier firm Yodel paired with supermarket giants Tesco. Then comes the online auction fiasco that it eBay, coupled with diabolical daily deal vendors Groupon. You've got until the end of Thursday to make your decision, and the other two quarter-finals will be here later this afternoon.

Meanwhile, catch up with all the voting to date here.


  • Mike
    I hope Yodel win the title for shittest company.
  • Rob
    Yodel have to be the worst delivery company ever. They are never on time. break and lose stuff. Total dis-organised chaos, Yodel micky mouse firm!
  • Mike
    Agreed! On the eBay VS Groupon front though, I would personally vote for eBay - not for buying purposes as they are very buyer-centric and if you get diddled on eBay it's very easy to get your money back but selling things on eBay is now stupidly unfair. I'm forced to offer £1.25 on DVD box sets which means I lose out as they cost around £3 to send. In some cases I've sold items that I've actually lost money on where the buyer has paid 99p for the item and £1.25 for postage. I have then paid £2.50 postage, in effect paying the buyer 26p to take the item off my hands... great! Then there's the fees. I recently sold a guitar and eBay took a nice hefty fee of £60 out of my Paypal account for it! Oh and there's te inevitable buyer who says they haven't received their item and if you haven't got a tracking number you're stuffed, losing both the item and the money. Sucky!

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