Worst Company of 2010: Royal Mail v Quidco

wcb-2010-medalIt’s the final day of the round of 16 in our Worst Company in Britain 2010 fandango and there’s only two more head-to-heads left before we’ve honed the lump of coal that was the original shortlist down into a fine diamond of quarter final shite.

First up comes a clash between last year’s winner, the Royal Mail and Quidco, the popular cashback service (or is it REALLY all that popular?) Only time will tell – the time being midnight tonight, when the voting comes to a close.

You can find out who triumphed and who failed in yesterday’s pow-wows between eBay and PayPal and Virgin Media and 3 Mobile (along with all of the other results so far) here. Come back on Monday, when the quarter finals will get underway...


  • -]
    I like how you put quidco, a company that has ties to BW against last years winner. Good way of making sure quidco doesn't get through to the finals...
  • Mr M.
    Hitler or Stalin, Hitler or Stalin, hmmmm....
  • Paul
    I'm having an xmas present delivered to day via Royal Mail...so I wont be tempting fate and voting for them
  • rob
    Surprised phones4u haven't made it to the shortlist.
  • Worst B.
    [...] closes at midnight, as it does in the skirmish between the Royal Mail and Quidco. Get yourself educated about the rest of round one here. If you [...]
  • Wibble
    WTF You are the same as Quidco, so why not put yourselves up against someone that might actually be better than you??
  • Spark
    Neither of these companies have any business in being in this poll. The Royal Mail aren't perfect but they try their best and compared with the mail service in 99% of other countries, including every other European State, the US and Canada, their service is excellent. In fact, it's probably second in the World only to Japan Post in terms of speed and reliability.
  • Marky M.
    @ Spark True, but given that it's THE most expensive in the world compare to disposable income, shouldn't we deserve good service? Plus I think you'll find the postal service in Scandinavia beats the pants off Royal Mail, and prices in Germany are half ours.
  • MrRobin
    Totally agree with Spark... Yes The Royal Mail isn't perfect, but bloody hell they do a great service under normal circumstances. So they might not be the cheapest but does Britain have the cheapest anything?? Still, less than £0.50 to send a letter up to 800 odd miles is hardly expensive..? OK some of you have lost stuff, I sympathise, but RM have compensation schemes. You did send that valuable item by Special Delivery, right? And as for Quidco... How the hell did this get nominated??? A company that exists to bring discounts to shoppers on stuff that you would buy anyway, for £5 a YEAR membership... FFS, what's wrong with people?
  • h8RM
    Royal Mail are a bunch of wankers (I'm talking about the higher-ups - the postman I have right now is really very polite; the one before him was a fcking idiot but that was soon sorted out after I made my complaint). I was charged 11£ in total because of an iPhone case that came from abroad because it was like 20pence over the limit of what's allowed before you get taxed or whatever it is. £8 of that was for a royal mail 'handling' fee. Yes, £8 to hold a tiny envelope for less than a day. If it wasn't for the fact that it was a long awaited gift and from abroad, I would have waited the 3 weeks to let it get shipped back.
  • zeddy
    @MrRobin: TopCashBack don't charge a fee and their service is better.
  • Spark
    @MarkyMark; DeutschePost are shit. I have a lot of family in Germany who will vouch for that and pretty much everything I have ever sent or been sent from Germany has involved some level of hassle or another. I can't comment regarding the services in Scandanavia due to a lack of experience with them really.

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