Worst Company of 2010: BT v Sky

wcb-2010-medalSo then, it’s the end of the first round of Bitterwallet’s Worst Company In Britain 2010 melodrama, where we let you decide who has been the thorn in your consumer side over the past twelve months.

Ahead of the quarter finals, which kick off on Monday, here’s your chance to vent your voting spleen in the direction of either BT or Sky – both HUGE organisations, and both worthy of a good shoeing, according to you lot.

Voting closes at midnight, as it does in the rest of round one here. If you like.


  • Zleet
    Hard choice. BT and the customer service call-centre black hole or Sky sucking all the money out of my wallet for every little fucking thing. I'd say Sky is worst for me because every time you change something it starts another twelve month contract and everything you change costs way too much money as they pretty much killed any real competition.
  • Mr G.
    Don't use either - because they are both so crap.
  • Alexis
    BT: instructed to disconnect secondary, unused business line. Actually disconnected main line containing broadband. Result: I had to work from home for an entire month. Nightmare to deal with. Eventually got £500 compensation because of their immense incompetence.
  • James
    Sky are fantastic, people are stupid.
  • Andy247
    BT accidentally refunded me £150 when I left so I love them! Sky on the other hand realise they're the 'best' or only option and take advantage as a result. I hate Sky with a passion.
  • Phil
    BT are unhelpful, arrogant bunch of Aholes and they don't care if you know it. Phone up and pester you take calls through them no matter how many times I tell them no not interested they will not go away and can't understand why I would want to want to switch to paying them rather than get free calls! BT need to win this!
  • Steff
    had huge problems with BT at work so guess who I voted :)
  • Peter
    Easyjet are the worst ever!!! Can't wait for them to go bust!!
  • singhster
    BT are utter twats. Just look at their adverts.
  • Jeff
    ^ Hell yeah, those BT adverts alone are worth the vote!

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