Worst Company in Britain Round 8: Dixons vs. Aria Computers and Currys vs. Tesco

Winners of Round 7 go out to Setanta and Sky, who very closely beat CityLink and NPower respectively, moving into the next round. (NOTE: The closed poll on cityLink vs Sky shows both at 50% but that's because poll was closed late.  As of midnight yesterday, the winner was Sky)  But it was no easy match.  If there was a 'Worst Comments on a UK Company' category, the others would have stood a fair chance of moving up the ranks.  Some of your comments about City Link and NPower include:

Zain: Oh - this is a tough one… Sky or Citylink. Both are ranked equally in my book for their level of shiiteness. Nevertheless, Citylink has the upper hand in this and thus have been voted.

Matt S: Oh please, please, please don’t let sky win this I know they’re over priced but City Link are the bane of my life, drivers don’t bother to knock half the time they just card you, sometimes I don’t even get the cards... City Link are awful, just bloody awful, and the worst thing about courier companies, is that there is very little you can do about it, you can’t demand your money back, because you didn’t pay, they don’t care about your complaints because you’re not their customer. It’s reached the point now where I have just stopped shopping with companies who use them, which includes aria, ebuyer, big pockets and boffer. City Link deserve to win the who event, they deserve to be burned. Death to City Link!!

jc: I know Setanta will be a hot favourite but anyone who has unwittingly signed up to NPower to supply a newish property and gets the letter through the door after the cooling off period that basically says“.. NPower suck. City Link are nearly as bad - a contest between those two would be a very close call.

cally: always had top class service with the business side of npower. very helpful.

Funny as: City link are useless knob jockeys. Every missed delivery i had from them ended up left in my front garden! They even made up that ‘Mr Smith’ had signed for them… Dickheads, my name isnt Mr Smith, if you are going to lie, at least look at the box!

Today's 2 rounds will wrap up the 1st ladder to decide on the 8 giants left standing.  So get your votes going for  Dixons vs. Aria Computers and Currys vs. Tesco today!

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  • JK
    Surely it would have been better to have PCW, Currys and Dixons represented as 'DSG'? They'd win hands down that way.
  • Mark
    DSG Won't be around when this competition is over will they?
  • Michael
    Hmm - DSG I expect to be useless so any positive result seems liek a sucess whereas Tesco I expect better btu I find the home grocery delivery very poor - recent low point was when they left the crates and on unpacking I found they had delivered the wrong cereal (but charged for the correct one). Phoned CS to ask them to come and swap it over and was told the local store 'couldn't be bothered' so I would get a refund instead. There was also an incident where I refused the substitutes and the driver spat on my doorstep in disgust...
  • Andi M.
    I'm going to stick up for Aria, only ever dealt with them once last year when I bought a TV, their Customer Service was top notch and the transaction a smooth one!
  • Funny a.
    Re City Link: Funny as, Signed by "Mr Smith" was probably your neighbour! Dumbo.
  • Zain
    Dixons vs Aria - Aria hands down are bollocks. Currys vs Tesco - Don't know why Tesco are there, voted Currys as i've had a few hickups with them.
  • chrisg
    Aria are okay if you stick in the letter of the law, and are prepared to chase but they are very tardy, and rarely proactive in terms of their CS.
  • Graham
    Dixons and Currys are the same company. They have same warehouses and supply lines so why is it listed twice?
  • Anon
    Vote for Aria from me. Bitter ex employee who was made redundant.
  • Eddy
    Dixons is not bad nor great... there prices are competitive beacuse of the dutyfree... but CS is not upto the mark... still they are way better than Pixmania or ebuyer... and dont deliver grey imported items...
  • Richard
    Gotta vote for Currys after the sales assistant tried to sell me a £50 HDMI cable claiming it was 'shielded against interference' and the one in the box that came with the DVD player 'wouldn't go to full-HD'. It's a digital cable, bitch! It either works or it doesn't. Lying scum.
  • Jason
    Is it just me or does anyone else find it strange that it is always the company that is listed first that is going through? Have they been reordered after the results have been published, maybe people are blinded by red-mist after seeing the first companies name or is it just something psychological? Name a vegetable that begins with C...
  • Alistair
    UGH! all 4 are as bad as each other... however this is for aria.... I will never as long as i breathe spend one more penny there. a while back i bought a deal for today DVD player. nothing special, just a run of the mill, cheapish player to replace a bulky early generation philips. short story is that it had faulty digital audio output, however they refused to acknoledge said fault. result: I'm out of pocket for the return courier and thier 'restocking fee' the whole exchange was such a farce that my money will never grace thier coffers again. DSG may have shopfloor numpties, but at least you know they'll always try to upsell you with pure greed driven BS. they are pure sales droids afterall.
  • Jason
    its 2014 now and let me tell you, DIXONS is still the worst company. There is a reason their employees cheat, upsell you things and fob you off.. and it that DIXONS do that with all their employees... they dont get pay rises for 5 years and their only way to make more money is to cheat you...

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