Worst Company in Britain Round 5: Natwest vs. British Airways and RyanAir vs. Vodafone

Yesterday's Worst Company in Britain contest between PC World vs. Pixmania and PayPal vs HBOS saw PC World and PayPal fight it right down and dirty towards the end of days, both winning with whooping majority of votes.  But no surprise there.

Some of your comments include:

Saftlad: Pixmania all the way for me for their awful customer service, and shipping French products under a UK name. Can’t remember the last time I needed anything so desperately as to have to go to PC World though

Robin: PCWorld for the ridiculous ear bleedingly annoying alarms and beeps that emanate from the aisles and exits. Paypal for the ludicrous fees on everything and their monopoly on eBay.

Dank: Having worked at PC World during my sixth-form days, I can categorically say that they provide the worst customer service known to man. I could probably wax lyrical all day long on their shoddy practices, but I’d be here for a week. And PayPal; every eBayer’s nightmare when things go wrong.

Will: PC World or Pixmania - ouch. A very hard one to choose from. Both awful in different ways. PC World win it though as I hear so many stories of people having the wrong PC returned to them after they have taken it in for repair. Bunch of student wankers.

Andy: HBOS [Halifax] for sending my mother my father’s mail - they’re divorced and have different names and accounts! As well as that, fucking up a direct debit bayment with them which caused me to be £500 overdrawn for no fricking reason! (and probably black-balled my name with banks FOREVER the bastards). *seethes*

Matt S: It’s a shame HBOS and paypal are facing each other off, they’re both so goddamn awful, it’s a shame to see one of them knocked out so early. Paypal’s underhanded tactics, “freezing” people’s accounts which essentially amounts to stealing their money. Their ridiculous terms, I mean how the hell is it there business what I’m buying? On the other hand, I’ve had plenty of crap from Halifax in the past, and recently they charged my sister £48 for going 13p overdrawn!

Today's 2 rounds are with RyanAir vs. Vodafone and Natwest vs. British Airways.

So let's get your votes going.  Who is it going to be this time??

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  • Dank
    Bloody hell, clash-of-the-crap-titans or what?!! Vodafone or RyanAir?!
  • Vodafone T.
    How can you vote Ryanair worse.... Vodafone are the worst company I have ever come accross
  • Ryanair t.
    Because people have different opinion you fucking retarded twat. Vodafone have been excellent for me, always answered quickly, and any issues resolved without fuss. Ryanair are a pain in the backside mind, and the greatest of the two evils, hence my vote goes for them.
  • Martin
    Vodafone are great for me. 15p for up to one hour calls from a mobile to a landline during the evening. Ideal for my usage. Ryanair - 1p flights that end up costing over £50. No thanks.
  • The I.
    Ryanair is a Cheat .....
  • Mark B.
    I can't really believe you put Natwest up against BA, for me it's a no brained, Natwest have been a fantastic bank over the past 6 years, all the staff I've delt with have been friendly and willing to help, even if the Head Office are being stupid about things. To be honest I've had the same experience with BA but the terminal 5 thing doesn't do them any favours!! Oh and yes Ryanair all the way, bunch of fucking wankers.
  • Funny a.
    "Because people have different opinion you fucking retarded twat" Best comment I have ever seen, bar none... Been passed around the office already.. :)
  • Andy
    "Because people have different opinion you fucking retarded twat." Hahahahahaha! Nice to see my comment highlighted - shame I spelled Payment incorrectly XD I haven't had many dealings with the companies in this round. I'm subscribed with Vodafone and while they are pretty dumbass when it comes to customer service enquiries, their tarrifs and contracts aren't too bad at all. I'll be going on holiday in March - so I'll avoid whichever airline loses out here ;)
  • J.hardy
    It just has to be PC World FTW! I pity people who know nothing about the availability of cheaper goods elsewhere. Overpriced beyond belief!
  • John
    irish tinker twat will be crying air

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