Worst Company in Britain Round 4: PC World vs. Pixmania and PayPal vs HBOS

Those of you who predicted that Three and Royal Mail would run a tight race yesterday were absolutely right. As of midnight, 283 votes for Three barely beat Royal Mail's 273 into the next round, while Littlewoods trumped Sainsburys by over 400 votes, winning at a whooping 88% of votes.  Here's a few selected comments from yesterday's round:

Martin: Royal Mail for me … I can live my life without 3, but until we have decent competition for mail delivery we have to live with RMs poor standards. Even forgetting the price changes, things like leaving “you were out cards” without even knocking just so they don’t have to carry any parcels, three Christmas cards received so far this year have been opened and even just finding another half a dozen red rubber bands in my garden pisses me off.  Goodbye Sainsburys … you never had a chance of going through up against Littlewoods.

WillingPunter: Well for me the Royal Mail is just fine. The postman is cheerful, crosses the road to deliver to me early if he sees me, leaves the parcels with neighbours and the parcels get taken back to the local PO if they cant deliver (not somewhere 10 miles away as with DHL, CityLink etc) . Be careful what you wish for……

Mike: Littlewoods for me - blatent underhand tactics like freely available vouchers on the net which they then remove from your account 3 months down the line giving you no chance of returning purchases!  Three - Useless customer service, by far the worst Ive ever experienced.  Royal Mail arent that bad. DHL are a lot worse. They deliver packages to the wrong address, throw customs declarations in the bin and cause so many other problems….then refuse to issue compensation or refunds

But there can be only one, and every last vote you make counts.  So as day 4 sees PC World fight Pixmania and PayPal battle HBOS, who is it going to be?

Let's see what you think!

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  • Pizza_D_Action
    He he, all looking a bit one sided at the moment.... early days though.
  • Robin
    PCWorld for the ridiculous ear bleedingly annoying alarms and beeps that emanate from the aisles and exits. Paypal for the ludicrous fees on everything and their monopoly on eBay.
  • Saftlad
    Pixmania all the way for me for their awful customer service, and shipping French products under a UK name. Can't remember the last time I needed anything so desperately as to have to go to PC World though
  • Bernard B.
    All of these are a complete shower
  • Dank
    Having worked at PC World during my sixth-form days, I can categorically say that they provide the worst customer service known to man. I could probably wax lyrical all day long on their shoddy practices, but I'd be here for a week. And PayPal; every eBayer's nightmare when things go wrong.
  • Mark
    I would have said ebay/paypal for the way they seem to be now helping scammers by refunding money and the way they banned me for a year from ebay without appeal for something they admit was not my fault.
  • Will
    PC World or Pixmania - ouch. A very hard one to choose from. Both awful in different ways. PC World win it though as I hear so many stories of people having the wrong PC returned to them after they have taken it in for repair. Bunch of student wankers.
  • Bob
    Oh come on, the voting is biased, you've put pathologically hated companies against each other, Pixmania should be in the top 4 but because you've put them against "we know nothing about PC's World" they're going to lose.
  • stinker
    pc world for asking for your name and address when you try to buy stuff paypal because they're gay. nuff said.
  • Codify
    Pixmania for the win! And by that I mean, lose.
  • Andy
    HBOS [Halifax] for sending my mother my father's mail - they're divorced and have different names and accounts! As well as that, fucking up a direct debit bayment with them which caused me to be £500 overdrawn for no fricking reason! (and probably black-balled my name with banks FOREVER the bastards). *seethes*
  • Matt S.
    It's a shame HBOS and paypal are facing each other off, they're both so goddamn awful, it's a shame to see one of them knocked out so early. Paypal's underhanded tactics, "freezing" people's accounts which essentially amounts to stealing their money. Their ridiculous terms, I mean how the hell is it there business what I'm buying? On the other hand, I've had plenty of crap from Halifax in the past, and recently they charged my sister £48 for going 13p overdrawn!
  • cees
    PIxmania is the best winner!!!!

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