Worst Company In Britain 2012 - nominations end TONIGHT!

ATTENTION BITTERWALLETEERS! This is your final call to nominate a contender for our upcoming Worst Company In Britain 2012 ‘award’. The nominations will close and midnight tonight and the voting will get underway tomorrow, with you lot choosing who to crown as your crappiest company just in time for Christmas.

This year’s winner will follow in the footsteps of Setanta Sports (2008), Royal Mail (2009), Vodafone (2010) and TalkTalk, who sneaked it by less than one per cent against Groupon last year.

You can nominate any company as long as they operate in the UK (once again, apologies to haters of Finland’s wretched CakkiNet dial-up ISP).

Put your nominations and your reason for naming and shaming them in the box below or if you’re following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you hate the most over there as well with an @ reply.



  • Dimrill
    Zavvi/TheHut by a country mile. Twice had to return goods to them due to their terrible long shipping times not getting them to me on time. Both times they claimed that the return never reached their warehouse and sat on my money for 3 months. Awful customer service department didn't seem too thrilled to be dealing with me throughout the entire affair.
  • London M.
    London Midland Appalling in every way shape and form
  • ToolFool
    Ryan Air! Ryan Air! RyanAir!
  • Witwicky
    Yodel. Has to be Yodel.
  • Grazyna
    dont forget about paypal
  • Captain W.
    Yodel. Who else?
  • amazon s.
    setanta? wtf? WHO!? Yodel.
  • Phil
    BT - for calling with the same special offers almost every week and no matter how much I tell them I'm not interested and to stop calling me they still do. Rip off pricing on phone lines as well.
  • Angry R.
    Paypal - for being robdog bitches every single step of the way Royal Mail - for their staff whining like an unpaid ho when the business is streamlined, whining when there are job losses because of their union's rejection of the streamlining, and generally employing glueheads (seemingly at every branch I go into), who have chosen a chemical breakfast. Oh yeah, and for letting their staff go on lunch when the rest of the working folk are trying to get in there during their own lunch breaks. Absolutely inspired way to tell you that them doing business is a pain in their ring and they'd rather just close the branch down as working for a living is just so terribly banal. Yodel - for all the reasons previously stated TalkTalk - yeah, 'Stephen' isn't the call centre operator's real name, and I don't want any additional call packages - I JUST WANT THE SHIT THAT I'M ALREADY PAYING FOR TO WORK. Yeah, your English may be better than my Punjabi, but we're still having a naus aren't we? Benchud.
  • Whammerhead
    Santander. Atrocious CS and complete rip-off merchants
  • Talky
    It has to be Yodel. You really do not have to give a reason as we can all list countless reasons
  • JB
    Yodel BT Ryanair
  • M4RKM
    EE for their atrociously bad launch of 4G in the UK. Royal Mail for leaving a package outside the house, in plain site, that thankfully didn't get stolen.
  • Captain W.
    At least Royal Mail bother coming to your house .... yodel just don't bother, then claim that they did and you were out and after a few of those they force you to go to their depot
  • Wavydavy
    Royal Mail - for despite their hike in prices in April,have continued to offer an awful service & just why show i pay extra for 'Recorded Deliver' when all they do is shove it through the letterbox
  • Steven C.
    Zavvi. They give misleading stock information ('usually dispatched in x days', instead of 'out of stock'), take anything from days to weeks to dispatch 'in stock' items, and claim not to have received returns. Pummel you with countless 'Mega Monday' sales emails. The majority of items in these sales are much more expensive than can be sourced elsewhere.
  • crap
    Bitterwallet - for being cunts and overall shit journalists
  • M00bs
    HDN - much worse than Yodel!
  • Employee m.
    Yodel...definitely Yodel. Just google/youtube them and you will see how bloody awful they are. I'd also suggest Asda Direct...because not only do they provide a horrible, late service but they also USE Yodel to home deliver.
  • Razr
    Dixons Group - terrible customer service Yodel/HDN (same company) - late delivery, fake delivery, leaving parcel in recycle box on COLLECTION DAY! I could go on! All Energy Suppliers - Hiking prices virtually every couple months
  • Brian (.
    Hey all, Those people at Virgin media really make my piss boil. Bunch of useless idiots. Buy my greatest hits cd.
  • Marky M.
    Post Office Counters staff. Idle, brain-dead jerkoffs who pay more attention to their hour-long tea breaks than giving good service; cowering behind posters demanding an abuse-free workplace and then wondering why people give them so much of it.
  • AH
  • Chewbacca
    Yodel/Myherpes/HDNL. Could you perhaps group the above together as one so the votes don't get split?
  • sprout
    rspca for the chuggers who, after ignoring my "fuck off if you're not delivering stuff which is personally addressed to me" sign, knock on my door at 8.55pm (5 mins before their self-regulated 9pm curfew) thus waking the dog up who goes mad and whose barking then wakes the kids up who I've been trying the get to sleep since 7pm. cunts. rspa, that is.
  • bushbrother
    South West Trains for charging me £3k a year to be crammed in an 8 coach train that used to be 12 (because they are testing new software) and then arriving late every single day/evening but miraculously still hitting all their punctuality targets and not getting me any refund, oh and because they charge 6% more for this "service" every damn year ...
  • cecilmcroberts
    Yodel BT
  • ZachL
    Home Delivery Network (HDNL) - Their "guaranteed" next day delivery is never next day, more like 3-4 days... and your package will be damaged. SCAN - Cheap prices, but good luck if you get a faulty item. Chances are you will get charged a £20-25 "fault not found" fee, and then have to wait 2-3 months to get a replacement - that's if you're lucky, if not they'll just send the same faulty item back to you.
  • Nora V.
    SISU - end of.
  • catweazle
    Yodel. just checked online parcel tracking, says no one in, card left. Been in all day. No card. Lying bastards.
  • Red K.
    Sky - a bunch of shysters and part owned by the world's biggest shyster.
  • Ellen
    Betta living kitchens. Worst company I have ever dealt with. Zero customer service or after care. They claim to employ someone who scans social media for bad comments & to resolve them. Well I challenge that fact as I've left posts in loads of places. Also I would say that 90% of the companies positive reviews on the Internet are wrote by themselves.
  • apple i.
    Virgin media for the worst customer service imaginable
  • P O.
    Your mum, and yodel.
  • Jones
    Royal Mail.... Truly gone down hill over the years. They don't even bother to knock on the door that much anymore with big parcels! Poor services all round! Close to them is play.com as they must have invented a 5th class of delivery since introducing the option to pay for delivery.
  • Captain W.
    Oh, and any cunt of a company that keeps trying to contact me to give me a PPI refund when I've never had fucking PPI in my life. Cunts.
  • moe n.
    ebuyer for having good deals but shit customer service and dirty tricks
  • moe n.
    and amazon for guranteed delivery thats worth fuck all
  • Igor
    Yodel. Always fucking Yodel.
  • dealslover
    Curry's/Dixons Group- appalling customer service EE- even worse customer service Does TFL count? Their service seems to get worse each year but the prices keep on rising.
  • sean n.
    Royal Mail - reason: bunch of cunts
  • Regular n.
  • Pissflaps
    HotUkDeals and BT
  • Cerebella
    London Midland and Three.
  • zorber
    tesco yodel royalmail
  • Pizza A.
    Bitter Wallet for deleting my posts, yet leaving some of the crap above!
  • Postman P.
    Yodel/HDNL -useless cunts Nationwide - Banked with you 35+ years (current/credit card/savings) and you reject my latest loan application = bigger cunts
  • bigdaf1
    Got to be google for their sales philosophy. They only have 4 physical products. Sale of their Nexus 4 "flagship phone" went terribly wrong both times they had stock (that sold out same day both times). The Award winning Nexus 7, they only have one out of 3 models available for sale. Nexus 10, all models out of stock. Only the chrome book is available for immediate sale. They have lost a whole lot of customer confidence even though they have fantastic products, I doubt there is anyone who has a great story to tell purchasing hardware from them
  • Nice M.
    It has to be YODEL, The cunts managed to lose £130m out of thier loose arses last year because people and business woke up and thought fuck me, a guy with one leg and a small cock could pushing a wheelbarrow could deliver parcels better than this bunch of cunts. I feel happy now!
  • paul o.
    Yodel all the way.
  • Louise
    *Chuckle* I see the ole favourites Yodel and Talktalk (who I'm with) are being mentioned again. Talktalk are an odd bunch. You get MUCH better customer service from their online community most of the time, of course, that's assuming you have an internet connection. They are still not on the same page with basic information, the forum and the Customer Service phone line. I went on the forum asking if my mum could get the "older" international calls package and internet. No, said those on the forum. Yes, said the guy in Delhi, over the phone, in the sales dept. So, mum has phone and internet from Talktalk, modem duly despatched. Not a single bit of paperwork, so she still isn't 100% sure what she's signed up for!! My most recent experience of them was me haggling my contract as I do every year, phoning retentions. My very first bill was half what I was expecting. The next few months were a few pence off, until it reverted to the correct, agreed monthly amount thereafter. Do they just throw a dart at a dartboard when sending out bills? I'm very much in the minority but the only problem I have with Yodel..and it's EVERY time they're my courier, is that they forget to include my flat number and my parcel remains in limbo till I phone them.
  • James L.
    I have to vote for Vodafone as they still manage to be the most useless, insensitive, nastiest company in Britain, with startling incompetence and an ability to dodge corporation tax. A special word about someone I called there named Lee Power who is possibly the rudest man in the world, outpointing even Basil Fawlty. Unhelpful, untrustworthy and loads of other un words best describe this bunch of no hopers. Every way you look at it - Vodafone win thumbs down!

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