Worst Company in Britain 2012 - nominations end SOON!

2012 hasn’t been a great year for companies – some of them don’t pay enough of their taxes, some of them deliver consistently diabolical service and some of them can’t even operate properly without bringing in the administrators.

But which one has been the absolute worst? That’s the question that we like to ask every December, but we need your nominations before we start the voting.

This year’s winner will follow in the footsteps of Setanta Sports (2008), Royal Mail (2009), Vodafone (2010) and TalkTalk, who sneaked it by less than one per cent against Groupon last year.

Put your nominations and your reason for naming and shaming them in the box below or if you’re following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you hate the most over there as well with an @ reply. There’s not long to go before we close the nominations, so get it sorted now.



  • Ricky
    Completely and utterly lacking in fairness and spirit when it comes to dealing with customer complaints. Worse than useless.
  • G
    Yodel! utterly useless
  • Neil F.
    My nomination goes to O2. Not only have they had two major network cocks ups this year impacting millions of customers, but we switched out work phones to them earlier this year. We lasted 3 months of hell where are sales force had appalling signal nationwide, and a whole host of other problems. They eventually agreed in writing that as they couldn't resolve the issues we could walk away without penalty......before then billing us £150,000 in cancellation fees. They are still chasing payment, and threatening legal action another 3 months later. What.A.Joke.
  • Tweedskin
  • Worst
    My workmate Garry is terrible company. Can I nominate him?
  • shakesheadsadly
    Play.com I've been a customer of Play since before they had a website. (Mail order in the back of the earliest DVD magazines!) All while they were play247.com, and then with PlayUSA.com. This year they have TWICE cancelled my orders citing that they are unable to get stock, only for the excact same item that I'd ordered to appear 2 days later at twice the price. Finally, since Rakkuen (or whatever) took over, their site has become an un-navigatable mess. Why whould I go to play.com to buy an item from zavvi?!?!? You are not Amazon. You will never be Amazon. Please die quietly.
  • Anthony, T.
    Yodel, and T-Mobile
  • Inbox
    BBC - We pay £145 for biased telly and shocking cover ups of dodgy blokes. The worst thing is we HAVE to pay for it (as far as I know) which should make it an instant winner for worst company of the year...
  • badger
    @ Ricky. Very interesting. Who?
  • David
    Talk Talk. I cancelled an order made on their website for broadband within 20 minutes (package error) and it took me 4 months to get the money back. I was met with lies and incompetence all of the way. Three for raising the contact price on my mobile phone mid contract and basically saying, tough! BT for failing to fix a technical error on their side that caused them to charge me excess broadband fees every month until threatened with court action. AsdaDirect for cancelling items from an order to make it below the total for free postage, despite the item being in stock and available when the cancellation states it is not.
  • tax p.
    One nomination but technically two companies (one in liquidation and one shiny new one): Rangers Football Club
  • tax p.
    Because they chose not to pay tax/national insurance for a good few months of this year, which put them into administration, and the immoral (if not illegal) EBT schemes they used to cheat the public purse out of millions over the past two decades.
  • Darren
  • No m.
    BT. Where do I start? Monopolistic network infrastructure owner that take three+ weeks minimum to respond to a customer request, a farce, given most of their systems are digital. Also, cherry picking the bit of the UK inside the M25 and telling everyone else how difficult getting broadband to them is. Increasing line rental rates and charges well above inflation.
  • Reuben
    The Green Insurance company - for being assholes about paying up on a claim after my cat died.
  • Natty
    Southern Electric for what will probably be 3 months to sort out their fucked eletric meter thats reckons we use £200 per month, FFS its only a small dope farm (just kidding about the farm) Bored with which!? is the worst company, cant we do worst goverment department...
  • Sawyer
    EE, for the shocking reliability of the Orange network, the useless customer service of T-Mobile, and the ludicrous pricing of their new 4G network.
  • Chris
    Yodel! (HDNL) - It surely requires no more explanation? DIE YODEL, DIE!!!!!!!
  • James
    BT, awful service.
  • The M.
    So many contenders this year. I'll pop tax-dodging Starbucks on the list as no-one else has done it. For announcing that they will graciously pay £10m in tax for the next two years. (As if they somehow get to decide what they pay!) Then for following it up by apparently screwing over their own employees to make up the difference. Also I guess you'd better add in Amazon and Ebay for similar tax shenanigans.
  • samuri
    British gas for trying to charge me £5800 to fit central heating in a small terrace house
  • PlatinumPlatypus
    Starbucks for reportedly dodging corporation tax then claiming taxes on wages as their contribution.
  • Alan P.
    Yodel because if they were our father in heaven we would be bloody well stuck in evil for ever and ever amen!
  • Craig
    What about the robbing bastards of all robbing bastards - The banks, RBS, Lloyds, Santander etc etc - Robbing Bastards
  • Laura
    Yodel. Definatly yodel.
  • Anthony, T.
    Yodel, simply because they were robbed of it last year. HTF did that happen?
  • Alan P.
    Did anyone say Yodel?
  • EstateAgentDad
    Yodel.... changing their company name and address has not improved customer service, can't remember what they were called before but seriously poor and still crap
  • Anthony, T.
    Indeed. They can achieve many things throguh the power of a name change, but polishing a turd is not one of them.
  • Rob
    Yodel/HDNL / whatever they're calling themselves this week Keep saying they'll turn up but end up carrying parcels around in their delivery van for days and then pretend that they attempted delivery
  • Tom
    Santander - awful customer service Yodel - just awful Paypal too
  • Furkan
    Google after their messing up every hardware release they have had over the past year
  • JennieB-S
    YODEL. Hopw do they still have customers? Shut it down.
  • PP
    Santander! Asked to close an account and they never did and then charged me underfunding fees!
  • Anthony, T.
    Yodel still have customers because companies like Amazon force us to endure yo-delays. Most of the people who suffer do not have a choice in the matter, have no contract with Yodel, and therefore can't even report them to trading standards. For this reason, perhaps Amazon should be on the list as they know the problems Yodel cause. Such awards may be the only way of making Amazon listen.
  • Boring B.
    You don't have to pay for the BBC unless you watch/record live television (well, not the license fee anyway).
  • JJ
    BT have to deal with them almost daily (due to nature of my job) and they still never fail to amaze with the shoddy customer service and lack of regard whatsover for their customers.
  • simoniona
    No one going to nominate the rail companies/TFL for upping their prices but keeping service at a wonderful below average? South Eastern in particular. Also, E.ON/British Gas, for price increases to compliment their record profits. There we go, two unregulated industries that have their customers well and truly by the knackers.
  • Nexus S.
    Google - how a gigantic global company could balls up a launch as effectively as they have with the Nexus 4 beggars belief. Their ordering system doesn't work. Their customer service mob ignore emails. When you speak to CS, they either have no idea what is going on, or they lie. No information of any use is ever forthcoming. Idiots.
  • Tortoise n.
    Royal mail, caught leaving cards so many times without even bothering to attempt deliver items. My landlord company TVHA: always booking building maintenance during the week during normal working hours and requiring 40 odd flats to each have someone take a day of leave and wait for them to only change it on the day.
  • Captain W.
    I can only repeat - at least Royal Mail do actually leave cards when they claim they do. Yodel make the claim without turning up, to keep their delivery statistics sweet.
  • Jenny
    Appaulling company.. to work for. Totally shocking and ruthless towards employees...

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