VOTE NOW! Worst Company in Britain 2011 - the final

2 January 2012

wcb-2011-deal-FINAL So, it has come to this – from the tens of companies that were nominated by you lot, we’ve reached the final two, and it’s time for them to go head to head in our Worst Company In Britain 2011 award vote.

In one corner we have TalkTalk, regularly at the top end of those league tables compiled by Ofcom about customer complaints. In the other is Groupon, a relative newcomer, but one that seems to annoy many of you, as well as the Advertising Standards Authority (Groupon have been found to have breached the ASA code over 50 times in 2011).

Now it’s up to you to decide which of the gruesome duo is the worst and you’ve got until the end of Wednesday to cast your vote. You can catch up with the rest of the voting so far here.


  • Derooftrouser
    Yodel isn't in the final? This is bulldust, man. BULL. DUST. Can they at least get a special mention for being the worst company that nobody ever chooses to use, but just get lumbered with by whatever website you ordered from?
  • SpamJavelin
    Yodel suck massive cock and have cost me hundreds of pounds this year.
  • Mike
    WTF!!!>!>!>!>!>!>!?????????????????? Where have Yodel gone? Are you telling me this state of a company have been pipped to the post by these two?
  • Reckless R.
    Bring Yodel back! they are the worst!!!!
  • kv
    wouldnt be the first time a company had staff vote in this, remember the fiasco 2 years ago when one company would get 1,000 votes in 5 minutes
  • Yodel
    Fuck you all you fucking mother-fuckers! We put the fix in and there is NOTHING you can do. So go ahead and order your precious things from the 'internet'.
  • Dick
    If groupon win / lose, then HUKD should ban all posts about groupon, and ban all user IDs posting groupon deals without warning.
  • MrAnon
    How funny my TalkTalk internet speed has magically decreased over the last 24 hours....again for the 3rd time since August, so guess who's getting my vote.
  • Keith
    Just to be rebellious and actually post about the finalists, pleased to see Talktalk here, after buying a PAYG mobile from them in 2001, in November last year, they decided to charge me about £28 on a new monthly direct debit,without warning or any notice, putting me in the red, and without me having had any dealings with them in ten damn years. Maybe I did have the insurance for a while at the turn of the century, but that's no excuse for hitting me ten years later. When I called they denied all responsibility, saying it can't happen, then I mailed them copies of the bank details, and they did fuck all. It's only because I went into my local Halifax, another company I previously had very little hope in, and explained, that they cancelled the DD and reversed their charges, putting me back in credit. Talk Talk, either evil, incompetent, or both. Halifax, surprisingly helpful in the shadow of someone else's idiocy. I don't know much about Groupon, but I do feel they could have done something for the poor small cake business that lost nearly everything due to a mistake, I think it was her mistake, but I think they have some reason to assist. All it would have taken was some cancelled orders emails, some people would have grumbled but it's not worth destroying a small business over. I think a big part of the problem with customer service nowadays, is everyone's terrified to admit a mistake or say sorry. If they'd said on behalf of the cake shop 'sorry, we should have limited it to a few hundred orders, we're only a single high street shop, and we apologise for disappointing some of our potential customers, but we just cannot complete the volume of orders we took on.' I think most people would have grumbled a bit but accepted it. Lastly, does ANYONE think that Yodel post is from anyone to do with Yodel? I think it came from under a bridge, myself.
  • Random G.
    What did groupon ever do wrong?
  • Incredulous
    RIGGED. Can't believe Yodel have got away with it again. I call BULLSHIT.
  • Delenn
    Indeed, can't believe no Yodel. Can't vote in this one, as I sensibly use neither company.
  • Gwapenut
    I think the quarter finals and semi finals weren't well enough publicised, it's too difficult to find each new poll on the BW website which is why so many people who wanted to vote for the disaster that is yodel, didn't. Though you could argue, the customers of each company in the poll were equally disadvantaged ... still, none of this changes the fact that Yodel are complate and utter turd and should have won this poll hands down.
  • Andy D.
    @Gwapenut - a direct link to the latest poll has been on the site's masthead for about two weeks now.
  • Gwapenut
    Thanks Andy, saw that, but because each quarter final is split into multiple pairings on multiple pages, the one you want to vote on sometimes has been headlined and gone (despite poll still being open). Difficult when on holiday and not checking internet reads as regularly ...
  • John
    Personally I can't believe Santander aren't in the final, what a bunch of muppets! Perhaps I haven't had enough deliveries made to me by Yodel to highlight how bad they are. As for Groupon I've never purchased any of their offers, however it's amazing how much spam one company can send you!
  • Jon B.
    Yodel are worst company i ever used!
  • discount l.
    I absolutely love groupon! Never had any issues with them.
  • Al
    6 weeks they lost my parcel for and lied at every turn - useless is being polite
  • Observer
    This is a crappy final. It should, as everyone has already pointed out, have been Yodel up there. Yodel and Talk Talk - quite literally the worst two companies in Britain.
  • Laura
    I still vote yodel. They are totally useless. With dread I had to use them again as its the only people my place of work uses. I didn't receive the last thing I arranged. I'll let you know if this package ever shows. I'm feeling a huge amount of doubt tho.
  • The m.
    Yodel for the win!
  • Sicknote
    Who & Who - where the fuck is Yodel......?
  • ShaunnyBwoy
    Yodel, TalkTalk should be in the final. Groupon do suck still, but not as much as the other 2. But where oh where is Shitty Link? They suck more than a thousand Dysons, and somehow increase performance over time!
  • Caligari
    It's great to see Talk Talk win - but it only cements my foolishness for having ever signed up with them. In the middle of 2011, I started to receive threatening phone-calls and 'debt collection' letters from Fredrickson International - on behalf of Talk Talk. I explained, over and over again (at my own expense) that I paid my Talk Talk account via Direct Debit, and that I did not owe them a penny - let alone the £186 that they were asking for. It took a good three months for Talk Talk to FINALLY discover that they'd set up two accounts for me by mistake - one which obviously was getting no payment. Even then, it took hours of phone-calls and letters to get them to rectify this error. I now have no idea if my credit rating has been affected - and I received a whopping £5 compensation from Talk Talk, even though my many phone-calls and letters would probably have cost at least four times that amount. New customers are their only priority. Existing customers are merely cattle.
  • flombard66
    Was Ryanair included in the vote?
  • Frank P.
    Fix, where's Amazon?
  • Laura
    The item actually turned up! I nearly fainted lol. But it doesn't make up for all the other times yodel screwed up.

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