Worst Company in Britain 2011- start the nominations NOW!

golden_poo_cropped It's that time of year again, when we look down the barrel of your eyes and ask you to start nominating your most hated names for our Worst Company In Britain award. This year's eventual winner will follow in the footsteps of Setanta Sports (2008), Royal Mail (2009) and Vodafone (2010).

You've got, oh, a week or so to nominate the company that has got your goat the most over the past year. You can nominate any company as long as they operate in the UK (sorry again, haters of Finland's wretched CakkiNet dial-up ISP).

Put your nominations and your reason for naming and shaming them in the box below or if you're following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you hate the most over there as well with an @ reply.



  • evil s.
    I would like to nominate both Santandar and Sky, both for their diaboloical treatment of current customers by only allowing the very best offers to new customers and not their current ones (case in point, Santandar offer £100 cashback and an excellent saving rate on their Preferred Current Account, but only to new customers switching their account)
  • roge
    BT - took a phone line & internet with them. They installed it at the wrong house. The lady who lived there reported me to the police as she thought i was trying to steal her identity! when i was on the phone to bt getting it sorted they made a mistake and actually put me through to the said lady who was going mental! took a month to get sorted. Terrible customer service until i complained on twitter. disaster
  • Paul
    I would like to nominate Groupon and You Frame International collectively. Ordered a groupon in AUGUST which has still not been delivered. You Frame tell groupon they are 'working on it' and groupon refuse to refund. Been an endless cycle for weeks. Never using either again and have warned every person I see to avoid both - especially Groupon as they refuse to refund.
  • Christopher J.
    BT its not very good to talk. Service id deplorable, and they are on a death wish with constant price increases, two this year. Hope they go bust
  • Simon N.
    Virgin Media have to be the worst for me, with their off-shire (okay, Indian) "customer" service centres and diabolical network management for their broadband. I've lost count of how many times my broadband connection has been out (once for over week last Christmas). Then I ring the 151 number and get the standard, scripted, "I'm sorry to hear that," but no real advice of what action they're taking. Then there's the number of times my phone line has been down, then I have to call the customer service centre from a mobile, which, of course, costs me as it's a non-geographical number. I've complained several times and got usual stock answers and credits to my bill, but as I've explained, it's reliable service I want, especially when I'm working from home. I get no feedback from that they've done (or supposedly done) and so I've now given up and will be moving my phone, broadband and TV packages to other suppliers in the new year. Shame on you Virgin Media. Shame on Richard Branson for allowing a company bearing his brand to trade and treat customers like this (by the way, it was me who organised the lightning bolt for your house). Virgin Media? No. Virgin Mediocre. Yes.
  • MrRobin
    I nominate TESCO A year long chronic shortage of staff at the local superstore Ridiculous pricing variations across the country Downturn in the quality of food, particularly fresh meat Stores are often a total mess, especially in the evenings
  • Mad H.
    I nominate the truly terrible Yodel, formerly HDNL. They proudly boast offering a "service for everyone", a service which involves no weekend deliveries, one redelivery attempt before you have to pick it up from their hideously inconvenient depots, and hour-long delivery slots that tend to be accurate within +/- 4 hours. Any company that uses them instantly loses my custom
  • Mad H.
    Oh, and British Airways, the workshy holiday-ruining scumbags
  • Simon W.
    I nominate NEXT for their overpriced, under quality and questionably fashionable clothing along side piss-poor customer service. Not to mention the 29% APR on their Directory account!
  • oldmanhouse
    I nominate CeX and Tesco. The former for their dire online service (slow delivery, delivery of "not as described" items, hassles when sending them games to trade in) and their crap staff in store. Lack of telephone numbers for their stores and online department is also a cynical ploy to ignore complaints - instead you're left to email them at regular intervals until you give up. A nomination for Tesco because of their constant balls ups with online grocery deliveries and charging me for groceries they didn't even bother to deliver, and then charging me a second time when they finally got around to sending them out!
  • davver99
    cex worst company ever
  • Yue
    Base.com but then after April they'll all get made redundant so who cares?
  • Paul e.
    Awful fiasco of a service with Groupon and you frame - I DID get a refund eventually and to top it off - they delivered the canvas aswell. Only took 5 months!!!! - The communications was a shamble between both companies. AVOID at all cost!!
  • Brad
    Argos - For giving a delivery date on furniture, and then changing said date 2 times, 3 months down the line finally decides to arrive, but still takes the money out of your account the moment you details enter the website, Hang on you fuckers! check you actually have it in stock first rather then just take my money and hope for the best. Still waiting for a set of draws that's ment to be here next week....I live in hope.....
  • Ian
    BT all the way. An absolute shambles of a company. And bloody expensive.
  • Pete
    Groupon - They take your money and then don't care what happens afterwards, offering no customer support when things go wrong with their partners that offer the deals. Completely and utterly useless!
  • Merv
    Morrisons as every one I go to seems to be understaffed at the tils! sort it out Morrisons! Its put me off going there......
  • Sawyer
    I'd like to nominate Orange. I realise that most mobile phone networks are wank, but they're the only network I've ever used who seem to think it's fine to stop providing mobile data for a few hours/days/weeks. Remember the Blackberry downtime everyone was moaning about? That's what it's like being with Orange, only it happens EVERY WEEK. And they won't reply to my emails on the matter either. And it's not just me, as I've tried it with multiple phones/SIMs/locations. It's just Orange. Although I also agree with the Yodel nomination. One time I had to collect from their driver's house - WTF?
  • Tony
    I nominate BT for dire customer service. I ordered BT infinity in May of this year I'm still waiting for customer services to explain why there engineers didn't turn up
  • heywood_jablome
    I'd like to nominate rashid's pizza and keycutting in dundee. Every six months they seem to get raided for pakistani illegals and every time they get 2 or 3. Why is this place still in business? Their quattro stagione is second to none though, and they do cut a mighty fine key. Hmm, OK i'm going to nominate the catholic church.
  • Angry S.
    Undoubtedly 3 mobile should win. Spent 25 minutes on a call to them last night trying to cancel my mobile broadband. They did everything possible to make it as unpleasant and infuriating an experience as they could, including threatening to cut me off for 'ordering' them to do what I asked, trying to flog me an iPad, and asking me the same questions again and again and constantly putting me on hold for no good reason. In the end they deliberately cut me off. I hate 3.
  • Mr. P.
    Don't bother trying to nominate me again this year, you Scottish wino: I'll charge what I like for Special Brew and there's nothing you can do about it.
  • Ian G.
    I nominate Lovefilm. Amusingly poor customer service: I like to count how many times they contradict themselves in the same email. The process works as follows: 1) send off polite email explaining their mistake 2) receive reply which typically involves at least one contradiction of a previous paragraph 3) send email pointing out contradictions and asking for clarification 4) receive apology for the confusing email but no resolution of the original issue. They promise a refund due to the confusion but not the original issue If you've already been promised a refund, you can add this to your earlier ones. If the european debt crisis is still going on in 12 months time you might be able to bail out Italy with your cumulative refund. 5) wait 5-7 working days to confirm the refund hasn't arrived 6) repeat
  • Pizza A.
    My nominations: Tesco, Sky, Burton, Topman, Groupon
  • Derooftrouser
    Another vote for Yodel/HDNL. Purely because they're no good at delivering a thing when they say they'll deliver it, and they're meant to be a delivery company. The fact that you usually don't find out that a website uses them until your stuff is dispatched makes them the Russian Roulette of bad companies.
  • Mike H.
    Stop whining you bucnch of cretins. And pick up your dummies in your puddles of milk, why don't you strike like the other dicks? Daft cunts.
  • Nelson
    I would like to nominate Virgin Mobile UK as the worst company ever... They are so useless, ignorants. I've been with Virgin mobile service for over 1 year, and I which month I've been always overcharged even knowing that I didn't use all my allowed minutes or texts. I hate virgin mobile, they are so bad with customer service because they promise to call you back and they don't. But the worst thing overall, is the fact that Virgin's billing system doesn't let you obtain any sort of information regarding what you are spending unless they produce the bill at the end of the month. Please do not buy Virgin Mobile.
  • Me
    Another vote for YODEL, not least because 3 packages recently for me have been out for dispatch according to the tracking, only to not arrive until the following day.
  • tin
    All the supermarkets for introducing self service and using it as a reason to understaff stores. All the mobile phone networks for having shite networks and even shiter customer service. Sky for making a very nice living out of charging for stuff that used to be free, and universally treating customers with contempt. BT & BG for both being utterly hopelessly disorganised. and everyone that uses them for continuing to do so (including me).
  • grex9101
    What sort of retard can't even spell "Santander"? Really, and he professes to hate them? Utter smacktard. I'll go with Debenhams, their website is pish and they despatch orders to you after telling you they can't source them.... inept.
  • LD
    B.T. Price rises & Reducing the off-peak calling period Poor fast broadband provision - especially in rural areas Poor customer service, Charging for paper bills Near monoply for most Crap adverts etc, etc End of story.
  • Sicknote
    Vodafone. Off shore call centres staffed by script reading morons Month on month billing errors and phantom bill entries Yesterday, 2 different handsets I had with me fail to register on the network A website that looks like a bunch of girl guides put it together to get their 'web master' badge Constant recorded marketing calls asking "....if there's anything they can do to piss me off more...?" I guess in reality that all cell carriers in the UK are as bad as each other but Vodafone take the golden turd this year for me.
  • Sicknote
    "Posted by Derooftrouser • December 1, 2011 at 8:14 pm" "Another vote for Yodel/HDNL." Yes, yes and yes! I live in a close that has the same name as a nearby road e.g. Acasia road Acasia close (which is off Acasia road) You can guess what these complete numpties do every time - they card the 90 year old chap in any road and then when I call to ask what's happened to my parcel I'm told I wasn't in. A delivery company that has drivers who can read would be refreshing.
  • Darren
    Currys / Dixons / PC World --------> "Knowhow". Terrible
  • Gaz
    CarCraft - appalling customer service and overpriced cars, sucked in by a good deal which in hindsight I should be absolutely shot with shit for going anywhere near them.
  • Mark
    Come on - This is easy. BT should win - Simply The Worst Company Ever. No contest....
  • Andrew R.
    Yodel! YODEL!
  • Mark's M.
    But Mark, I think your dad worked for BT. Let me think - who did I have round that day. The BT repairman, the boiler serviceman, the milkman, the dustbin man. Actually, it looks like there's a 25% chance your dad worked for BT.
  • SwissBoy
    @Andrew Robinson. OK: yodelay-heee-hooooo!
  • Mienaikage
    I'm having to deal with Yodel/HDNL as we speak, they're incapable of finding a full UK address which no other courier has problems finding. It's a business and we have the address and door number printed on the bloody window. They asked me for my phone number yesterday on their first non-attempt, but today I was told the driver isn't obliged to call it anyway so that was a waste of time. Decided I'd treat them like 5 year olds and gave them a description of the surrounding area/what the place is next to. (Although I still think a 5 year old would be more capable) To a lesser extent, Virgin Media for doing maintenance unannounced in the middle of the day. (I haven't had to deal with them much because I don't personally use them) And finally PC World for shipping a 'refurbished' netbook that was actually untouched. Was ridiculously dirty and the battery wasn't working...
  • The B.
    Yeah, I'll do Groupon, worthless bag of shite.
  • Frankie B.
    I have 3 nominations: 1) HTC - for developing and releasing an 'iPhone killer' in the HTD Desire....only problem is the phone only has about 140mb on which you can store you messages, contacts, cache for applications, cache for internet and applications. If the phone has 15mb or less remaining, you longer receive emails or instant messages - pretty shit for a "SMARTphone" - 140mb? What were they thinking? When I've tried to contact them about this issue it just gets ignored. 2) Talk Talk - for having shit customer service who refer you to their colleague to who you have to repeat the issue again and again (after 7 times in the same call it becomes annoying). For being incapable of being able to bill properly. For selling you a 12 month half price contract where the 50% discount isn't applied - which is then applied as a gesture of "goodwill" for 6 months - WTF?! 3) Frankie and Benny's - for not providing my friends and I a table for 6 even though they were all empty...apparently they were booked. We went to another restaurant, after an hour walked past F&Bs to find all the tables still empty. Called HQ to let them know......no response. actually I will add a 4th one: 4) The UK Government - paying excessive amounts of tax to them for it to be pissed away on wars that have no real enemy (and so no clear objective meaning they can go on forever), providing an economy with no real prospects and for having the balls to say we only need to you keep the economy going, therefore you must work til you die - it is not economically viable for you to be alive and retired.
  • Matt
    British Gas - ridiculous price increases over the last 12 months. Hermes couriers - never had any problems with deliveries from Amazon until this lot. Firstly they lied about trying to deliver a parcel to my work. Then Amazon got them to deliver to my home on a saturday but didnt actually tell me this was happening so i missed them (they didnt leave a card though, so they may have lied again). I finally got my £170 parcel after they left it in the public stairwell of my workplace without actually trying to bring it to my office.
  • StuPid
    Bitterwallet - for running competitions that wind up poor Poke Her Pete.
  • Ali
    Yodel - left a massive Amazon box on the porch of the entrance to my block of flats. On a main road. In London. I'd be interested to see who signed for that... Thankfully my neighbour brought it in and kept it safe.
  • Pascal
    I nominate WH Smiths. Not only are their shops looking cheap and tatty but the fridges never keep anything cold. For which they charge you about twice the price of anywhere else. Theiving bastards.
  • Phil
    Bt - I nominate them every year and will do so tell I die!
  • The B.
    @Matt, Hermes Couriers, you're lucky they left it at the right address, I had a package delivered to the Wetherspoons down the road because they couldn't find my work address (3 doors along).
  • Geoff
    Talk Mobile. For not taking cancellation at end of 1 year contract by phone, letters or emails unless it is given exactly 30 days from end of said contract. Then trying to ring you when you are abroad on holiday (expensive just to receive) to confirm that you really want to do that, even though they have never mentioned this 'requirement' in any of their previous correspondence or the contract.
  • Stu_
    Yodel for me. They blatantly lied and said they had delivered something when they then admitted they'd left it in a bin. In another episode, I caught the fella carding me without even knocking on the door.
  • Matt
    EDF. Enough Said.
  • Dave
    How about orange for increasing their prices !
  • Dick
    Another YODEL for me.
  • Jocky W.
    Mr Patel. Reduce the prices of special brew you f***ing c***.
  • Jon
    Vodafone. For their crap service, both customer and network.
  • Dick
    Not one mention of eBay and PayPal yet!
  • Alexis
    PAYPAL. Impossible to talk to. Rejected all my previous month's ebay payments out of the blue for no reason, blaming my bank. Spent an hour in my local branch of HSBC and they tried everything to help but couldn't find a reason. A year later I can still only use my business account - my personal account is blocked from sending money, but will receive.
  • John
    BT - every single time, I truly despise that company. Also, in second place, a bit of a collective one here...all energy companies - theiving bastards.
  • Richard M.
    I would like to vote for eBay, but not PayPal. They are separate companies. SEPARATE!
  • Shandy W.
    I would like to nominate Belgium as the worst country.
  • Cy B.
    Groupon Ryan Air
  • Hilary D.
    BT. Decided randomly to reallocate my number to another company. Sent paperwork to this other company at my address. Cut me off. Refused to talk to me as I was not the accountholder (quite difficult when it's nothing to do with me). Promising to sort it out. Lying through their teeth. Repeat above 3 times. Plenty more but you get the picture. The good thing is that I have now managed to sever all links with them.
  • greg
    i nominate the bitterwallet offices for forgetting nov 17th's national who cares day 2011
  • tony
    Tesco without a doubt,
  • randy
    lidl for trying to make its customers pay exorbitant penalty for overstaying in their car park which is not clearly mark. some shop say free car parking
  • Steve
    Barclays partner finance. thieves
  • Michael
    First Bus / First Group. Seriously, Bitterwallet loses all credibility if these shysters aren't shortlisted.
  • Gary
    BT - charged me £12 for not making enough "chargeable calls"
  • tin
    Another vote for talkmobile!!!
  • grandma
    Orange. Took out new contracts in may and got a txt yesterday informing me of tariff price increase. So the contract is flexible, can I send them a txt at anytime changing the amount I'm prepared to pay?
  • Neil
    I nominate YODEL. The biggest problem (from a business point of view) is that pretty much all of YODEL's drivers are owner-drivers, some are actually pretty good, honest, hard-working folks but most aren't and are simply working for YODEL because they can't get a job elsewhere. But it's how YODEL treats its drivers which is the biggest problem which ultimately results in piss poor customer service. The drivers have to provide their own vans, fuel, insurance, VED, etc, etc. whilst their rate for each package delivered is pennies, they're fined for each package returned to the depot without a delivery attempt hence if you see the status on your tracking number that "no one available - card left" but you don't have one on your doorstep it's because they falsify this record so the driver can avoid being penalised. I could go on and on about lost/stolen items, misrouted deliveries, centre managers whom quite frankly couldn't careless and to be fair to them I wouldn't be too bothered either given that YODEL are in the process of closing half their depots and getting rid of some 1,000+ drivers. In the end thankfully we ended our contract with them.
  • DezMund
    I vote for Yodel & British Gas.
  • Exit, b.
    Several nominations: Southeastern Trains Paypal Santander Can we nominate "The Government in general?"
  • Jordan
    SCS Sofas ! Total shiestey rip off merchants !
  • John C.
  • BoBo
    Has to be talkmobile, I ordered a mobile from their website on May 12th, it hadnt arrived by June 15th so I cancelled the order. It took until last tuesday for them to finally admit I never got the phone and the contract never started!!! Yodel are mainly to blame for the delivery cockup but talkmobile customer service was shocking.
  • Harry B.
    I nominate the fucktard who wrote the first post for not even being able to spell the company he is nominating.
  • John t.
    N.power Paypal eBay Orange Group on
  • Rob
    Not one mention of.. DSGi/DSG Retail/Whatever the hell they call themselves now!
  • NIKI
    Tesco Direct! Sky GAS COMPANIES!!!!!!! £86 a month gas bill
  • NIKI
    oh and DVLA
  • Mark
    Posted by Michael • December 2, 2011 at 8:22 pm First Bus / First Group. Seriously, Bitterwallet loses all credibility if these shysters aren’t shortlisted. +1 I vote First too. And their recent advert was shockingly bad whilst im on the topic
  • Sicknote
    Oh don't forget ShitWank trains...I mean Southwest trains. There company motto is "Your daily commute to London............we go the extra mile to fuck it up for you" Odd how they haven't got Facebook page I can Like!
  • Ste
    If the BBC can be included in this, go for them - if for no other reason than dropping half the live grand prix for the next few years to the vastly over-priced Sky. Time to invest in an Internet-TV dongle for next season... Second choice: Tesco. Long may their market share slip and dominance in other countries including our own fall flat on its arse.
  • Billy
    Is there any point in running the competition this year ? Groupon will runaway with this.
  • JOhn F.
    Definately BT, when I moved house they kept billing for first address and new address. Then separated internet, phone and vision, then direct debited me on internet/phone one for those charges and vision, then charged me separately for vision. Promised to fix it 4 times, was told it was fixed 3 times. So I cancelled, and now they want a cancellation fee. In 4 months I had managed to over pay by over 200 pounds because off their habit of pillaging my bank account on direct debits.
  • Joe
    BT hands down. They are such a useless bunch of cuntpieces that they actually inspire genuine rage and anger in me. SIMPLE MANUAL FOR DEALING WITH BT: Follow these basic assumptions: If someone tells you something will be done, it won't be If someone promises to give you a call back, it's a lie If they advertise something on their website, you won't get it If it's in their terms and conditions, they won't adhere to it If they do something wrong, they'll only ever do the bare minimum to fix it If you have a problem, nobody will take charge of it; expect to make 6 phone calls minimum If someone says something it will 99% of the time be a lie If you moan about it on Twitter, their @BTCare people will try and fix it but ultimately be no use whatsoever* If you email the CEO, you'll get a special team dealing with your complaint who are slightly better will still do the bare minimum I genuinely hate BT. I really haven't dealt with a corporation as moronic and as intimidating to deal with as that pile of fucking dog sphincters, and if they were to be totally erased from the face of the Earth it would improve the quality of life in the UK by a significant amount. For what it's worth, O2 (who I switched to) are fantastic. They've made a couple of errors, but unlike BT they've fixed those errors swiftly and without any fuss whatsoever. They give a fuck about their customers, put simply. And the broadband service is better. *The BTcare people got in touch, I sent them an email with all my issues as requested, upshot was that I would be refunded all of BTs incorrect charges plus with extra on top to compensate for the stress I'd had to go through (this was entirely BTs error, I had done everything correctly and they had fucked up) - upshot should be that I would get a refund of about £20 for services I'd paid for in advance but hadn't used. They then turned around and said I wouldn't get anything, not even the refund which I was actually entitled to. They eventually gave me the £20 I was legitimately owed as a "gesture of goodwill", no mention of the "extra on top" they'd promised because they'd been such a bunch of twats. If you happen to get in contact with this bunch, bear in mind that while they're slightly easier to deal with than their shite call centres, they have a significant issue in that they're STILL FUCKING BT.
  • Joe
    Oh, and Littlewoods too. Get into financial difficulty? Your options are a debt management plan (even if you're fine with all your other creditors or (as in my case) you'd lose your job if you went on one) or one of their 39.9% APR consolidation plans, with interest front-loaded so even if you pay it off quicker you'll still get charged interest for a period when you haven't borrowed any money. They apparently refuse all repayment offers sent to them out of hand. And that's even before they made that awful fucking advert, which is so shit they couldn't even spell the word "peek" correctly at the end.
  • Steve
    has to be yodel, they must have whole warehouse full of undelivered stuff
  • mikey m.
    Tesco WH smith
  • Laura
    I'm with Nick, Dick and Dezmund, YODEL The place I work for has an account with them and I really hope they review this in the new year. All the staff do everything they can NOT to use them because they know there not even going to collect the parcel and if they do there are high chances the goods never reach were they are going. This is a normal job arrangement with them: Call One Me:"I need this item collecting from "A" and delivering to ourselves at "B", this is for a customer so how soon will this happen?" Yodel: "We will pick this up tomorrow and it will be with you on wed 16th (the day after collection)" Me: "great" (takes down job number ect) 16th is it in, no, go on line to track item... Job dose not exist. Call Two Me:" I need this item collecting from "A" and delivering to ourselves at "B", I've allready arranged this once the customer is still waiting and is now agrivated with the wait, will this defiantly get sorted. Yodel: sorry yes this will be collected tomorrow and deliverd on 30th (day after collection) Me: ok... (takes down job number ect) 30th is it in, no.... Make a phone call to location "A" and the item is still sitting there waiting with all it's paper work. Phone Yodel: "we are experiencing a high number of calls right now and will be with you as soon as possible" 30 min later.... Had enough. The high volume of calls is probably the rest of the people who used there services wanting to know where the f*** there parcels are. I don't enjoy calling customers and giving them poor exscuses about bad delivery services. I hate it so much, it makes us at our company look stupid and un professional. It's been 4 weeks from the original "it will with you the following day." and the item still hasn't arrived and have had to make alternative arrangements. Never EVER use Yodel. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER
  • SgtMunky
    PayPal - They effectively let someone pay for my ps3 then a week late - WHILST I WAS ON HOLIDAY - sent the buyer his money back because he requested it and I was not contactable. Paypal took money from me and sent it back to someone without my permission, and told me there was nothing I should do and I should contact the police instead. Stupidly poor company, I'd like to see them bankrupt.
  • MintedMan
    Vodafone - for price jacking contracts. BT - price jacking even contract customers. Orange price jacking...... Lets just go for a generic *phone companies* catergory eh! Ill lend weight to..... First Trains - should be banned from running rail companies, thank god they dont run mine anymore. Santander - abbeyfraud, like rebranding to Santander was going to make us forget especially when I still see weekly stories about such incident, how are they still in business?
  • kate
    Action Direct - robbing ba*****s - DONT use this company or any other company that offers to get your PPI refunds - why you might ask!! Because they aren't necessary and you GIVE THEM 25% of your award. 25% of your award for doing what you can do for yourself - i.e. - write short letter to your bank saying you think you were mis-sold a PPI. That's all - nothing else - other than wait for the money owed to drop into your bank account. My mistake just cost me just short £2,000.00 and there is nothing I can do about it!! THIEVES, ROBBERS, CROOKS etc etc .
  • Paula
    TESCO - for being so rapacious in its continued expansion and taking on "volunteers" who are compelled to work for them (and other companies) or risk benefit sanctions, in positions that offer zero progressive skills and no chance of a paid job later. This scheme also stops tax being paid by these forced labourers being put into government coffers.
  • James G.
    YODEL!!!!!!! they are by far the most cowboy/amateur company I've ever dealt with. I wish amazon wouldnt use them. I dont want a 120mile round trip to pick up from the depot thanks. At least with Royal Mail/Parcel Force you have a chance that the depot is within driving distance. For companies that use Yodel, just dont! Pay a few more pennies and give your customers a better service! In 2nd place PAYPAL for always screwing the seller!
  • Hacked o.
    Another vote for YODEL!!!!!! By far the worse delivery company, piss-poor customer service, had to actually threaten the manager of my local depot to get my parcel delivered, "if I have to drive 30 miles to the depot to come and get it, you will be having a nervous breakdown by the time I leave" seemed to do the trick. AVOID ANY BUSINESS WHO USES YODEL!
  • Ulysses31
    The Government. I've had enough of their unjustified price rises and service cut backs. Don't get me started on their contact centre. Okay, they might be locally based, but their only ever contactable to speak with once a month! ...and don't tell me their not a company, given the chance they'd love to be so they could keep us all further back than at the usual arms length!
  • Paul D.
    Carphone Warehouse for water damage phone excuse for not honouring warranty. Only proof they gave me was a blurred photo of my USB port from the outside. Further searching shows that their customer service is useless and they arent interested once they have made the sale.
  • josh
    Martins / Mc Colls new agents. high prices, poor paid staff and crap service. Never get the paper delivery charges right.
  • gidon
    ebay. end of
  • bob
    Would EA be a suitable call? An on going saga rattling around gaming communities is that they'll happily ban you permanently from all EA games you may own for forum violations. Violations being pretty much anything. Rock paper shotgun have had numerous pieces up following some of the stuff people have been denied all of them game access for, ranging from being the victim of being insulted to saying common gaming terms to saying a swear word in forums where swearing is prolific in the game related to it. Might be more of a case for Len of whether this stuff is even legal to remove all of your purchases based on a violation without warning. If that wasn't enough theyre trying to stop people sueing them by putting clauses in their terms of service and making it awkward to opt out of it and there was the whole "spyware" incident with their new "Origin" client, not to mention how horrid it is to use.
  • Amin
    Groupon Yodel Vodafone Play T-mobile Paypal Couldn't just pick one
  • Tom
    I know some of you have gripes against these awful companies that keep you waiting on the phone for ages or charge unreasonable prices, but shouldn't we try and include the REALLY bad companies here? How about Nestle? Responsible for the deaths of thousands (millions?) of babies. Mobile phone companies? They fund the conflict in the Congo (5.5 million dead). Tesco for using child labour in Bangladesh? I'm sure that the people directly affected by these companies would struggle to see your issues with 'crappy customer service' and the like. Consumerist cunts.
  • midnighter
    Virgin media - for their engineers who wander into other peoples property, break open a panel from a old company that was taken over years ago and hasnt been used for six years, run a meter and a half cable from that to the next doors malfunctioning box unit and then dont leave a note to say what they have done or ask permission! The call to the Indian call centre results in being told "just cut the cable and remove the box from the side of your house" guffinf nonsense and then then when you finally find a uk number and finally tell the u.k. branch you have to wait two weeks for anything to happen and then are utterly ignored. Cineworld for any form of communication when you loose something and get told you will get a call back if anything is found and are roundly bummed with the "we will ignore you stick" Tesco for their teenage "staff" who no longer address you with "can I help?" or any form of civility when asked to come across to help and just look at you and say "what you want?" Orange for their sneaky price raises...got a contract with us? fuck you! we will raise our prices even if you are half way through a contract and laugh. Santander with their banks which arent banks as you have to go away and ring a number (charged) to get any help and then have to ask for access to your money if its over a certain amount even if you bring a passport, stool sample, dead corpses of pass generations as proof to who you are, AND you still get told "im sorry you have to come back when you have ordered it, and yes we know you have a few thousand in the bank but asking for fifty pounds more than your daily amount with that much evidence means my hands are tied" cunts. Play's amazing overseas call centre who just bend over backwards towards fuck all-ery to go out of their way when you have a problem with their gift cards vouchers and then tell you an email is on its way...then go wipe their arse with your hopes.. and finally the local butcher, who ran off with my ex..she said he had bigger joints!....eh! eh! fuck you all.
  • daylighter
    ^ Give that dude a job, Bitterwallet. Great stuff.
  • mouse
    HSBC Halifax Nat West Admiral Green Insurance Direct Line Go compare Kwik Fit Carlyle Finance Tylers Residential Lettings 1and1 internet _ I think you either need categories or given the frequency of assholes ripping people off you should consider turning this page into a game of "anyone found an honest one?"
  • qwertyuiop
    CEX: - BW ran an article on their terrible online service recently and find my own voice being added to the cries of those unfortunate enough to be stung by them. Basically after waiting 2 weeks for an order to arrive, it transpired that they had sent me an incorrect item, most likely because they had falsely advertised it on their website. It's gone back to them since, but I await the email telling me they're not refunding me because they got it back after the 8 day return window, and it well might be the case that they receive it late thanks to snail mail but I've posted it back to them with almost a full week remaining! Thebookdepository:- Recently taken over by amazon, sadly they've not inherited the same decent (usually) business ethics. This company charge you for your order at the point of placing it, even on preorders - so if you're after a book which has a particularly far off release date, don't buy from these cowboys. Absolutely no mention of this anywhere on their site, I only found out to my horror when I checked my card statement. They've sat on almost £20 of my money since the end of October when I'd placed an order for a Collector's edition copy of the Skyrim strategy guide. After my first email to complain about it's no-show two weeks after the release date, I was told they would be receiving more copies in the following day rather conveniently, so I gave them the benefit of doubt. A further 3 weeks on and now I'm being fobbed off with "We're trying to contact the publisher to see if they will print more copies for us or alternatively you can have your money back if you like" Absolutely no word of an apology, and when I questioned them about refunding me and simply rebilling me when they get the book back in (if at all) I was simply told "We don't do that" Both companies are a bunch of absolute robbing bastards. Take your pick!
  • AB
    Worldstores. Glorified middlemen who will gladly take your money for an item that they can't even guarantee is available, then take up to a month before they decide you're due a refund.
  • Tom
    Groupon - for advertising offers which are really not offers at all Yodel - For not delivering when they're meant to Santander - because they are just god awful...
  • Jobe
  • Neil H.
    Plusnet For reducing tariffs in one market area for new customers while hiking them for existing customers in the same area to subsidise it.
  • Hard W.
    NGK Spark Plugs! However hard you work they just kick you in the teeth.. again & again! Constantly promoting the top office staff to fictisious jobs also.. No space to work in, but people who have never even been in the here or are in Japan even say there is! I have a bad back from being overworked, work load has trebled but no extra help or cash. Always 2 people do my job when I am off! I had to see a back specialist so I needed to go 1 hour early, I steamed through all the work, got it done, worked 20 mins of my 30 min lunch & my 15 minute tea break.. Now they are giving me stick about the 25 minutes extra to make up!! Next time I will not bother getting the work done and in fact will call in sick instead! Great job NGK, your usual 'intelligent' Motivational Techniques at work again! Got to be the world's worst run company!?!?
  • Steveymp
    Where do you start. Another YODEL shout from me (seems quite popular) the green van man does a hit and run at my place of work and grabs the first person he can see to sign for my packages the lazy cnut. Amazon need a wake up call to stop using this bunch of retards for deliveries too. RYANAIR, the flying gypsies continue to surpass all expectations of shitness once again in 2011, you wouldn't think is was possible but the Sky Marshall has excelled once again this year. BT for their superb telephone support (insert rolley eyes) even live chat has been taken over by "I will be understanding and attempting to fix your problem shortly" 2 hours of live chat last month and I almost lost the will to live, and the problem wasn't resolved. Funny any sales or sign ups or more money to be made from you goes straight to UK staff ? OFCOM for not having any testicles. When are they going to grow a pair and understand the large majority of the UK do NOT want or need a home phone line only broadband, we do not want call charges that we don't make or line rental we don't need. That will do for now :-)
  • Gwapenut
    Yodel - drivers constantly lying. They bill their clients for next day delivery, then the lazy bastards claim 4 days in a row that no one was at home to receive the package and that they left the card. Even on a pre-booked delivery day. Except someone was at home, and they left no card. So - they couldn't even be bothered to even try to deliver the "next day delivery" within a week of collecting from their client. And it's not just me reporting this. Fuckers.
  • Dan
    Orange; for their sneaky prices rises combined with customer services telling you that there's nothing you can do about it.
  • Andrew B.
    British Gas - Frankly I don't know how they've not won this accolade for the last decade. Singularly incapable of getting anything right.
  • Peter
    It has to be South West Trains - aka Stagecoach. Late or cancelled trains, overcrowding to the point passengers cannot board their trains, antiquated rolling stock with no airconditioning, saying they don't have funding to improve services, when they are actually making a vast profit, delaying passengers in the rush hour by spot ticket checks, I could go on....
  • Martin C.
    Quite simply, BT
  • Moonsmartie
    YODEL. Doesn't deliver. Doesn't apologise. Doesn't care.
  • victims
    MASSIMO DUTTI! unprofessional management, uneducated human resources. Illegal issues are happening on a daily basis. I have never seen something like this whole my entire lifetime. Brand manager is even worse. We are not in the third world country. Uneducated and inexperienced Spanish management. Sorry for the people who are working for them.
  • Mr S.
    Specsavers for cheap plastic and poor customer service - Nothing like feeling like a sausage in a sausage factory - in and out with no respect for me being a person and high pressure up selling.
  • Gav
    Santander (well, every bank going really) - for being robbing cunts. eBay - for being equally robbing cunts. Hannspree - for the worlds worst warranty repair service in history. EA - for online passes, closing servers 2 minutes after the game is released and for charging for DLC which should have been part of the game to start with.
  • carly
    Spillers of Chard (aga dealers). THE COMPANY DOESN'T HAVE TO BE BIG TO BE CRAP!!!! A familly run business who bicker, argue and pass the book. Overpriced cookers, you can but the same direct from aga for 1/2 the price,thick engineers who can't fault diagnose, rude and inept directors who live in Chard Somerset, the ***hole of somerset, BAD service from sale to service, overpriced robbing bastards who take your money then fail to deliver, never answer the phone,service manager is a complete wanker who brown noses the directors, don't gaurentee their work or parts, refuse to make things right even when then they break it, cost me over £15,000 to repair the damage done by the engineers and their compensation was a £25 voucher to spend in their coook shop. God awful company don't go near them.
  • Laura
    I would advise any graduates to not apply for a post at Benchmark International Brokers in Bolton, Lancashire. Graduates are paid a measly £5.76 an hour for working 40 hours a week writing long reports, undertaking administration duties and answering dozens of client calls in a busy environment. The targets mount up for very little pay. Some graduates are faced with more than 22 reports to manage, and overtime is required for no extra pay (taking the employee down to as little as £4.80-£5.00 an hour, which is way BELOW the main National Minimum Wage - £6.08). In terms of progression, the employers explained that there were opportunities to progress within the company, but since the company failed to supply any of its employees with a contract of employment stating their hourly rate, holidays and requirements, there is very little hope for this company to continue trading unless it changes its ways and gets a kick up the backside. Not forgetting the dozens of client complaints about the representatives failing to answer phone call after phone call, but that's another story.
  • Ema
    Three Careline Services 2 companies that treat people like crap
  • Tim
    Domino's, any of them in the uk. Low pay, long hours, no financial incentives, dodgy insurance (if any) for drivers, Stressed out franchisees, stuck up customers, stupid operating policies, No holiday pay, no working contracts, no free food or drinks for staff, Stats-based so if you deliver a pizza in 21 minutes instead of 20 you're in trouble, Tedious, boring and crooked as a backstreet loan broaker. Don't do it, go elsewhere, seriously.
  • andy
    Without any doubt the worst company I ever worked for is GAP tool & plant, incompitent management, much petty back stabbing and not much understanding of HSE requirements in the workplace along with the usual low pay for skilled workers.
  • Mike
    That company Virtual Computer repairs that ring me 3 times a day to fix problems that don't exist BT Most online airline booking companies B GAS Conduit [outsource company] on behalf of Sky and Vodafone, who employ kids out of school as team leaders who talk to you like dirt on their shoe and the company paying you £6.05 per hour even on Saturdays and Sundays and if you're are 1 minute late stop your pay and put a strike against your name but if you answer a call that runs half an hour over your clocking out time gives you no thanks or credit A new one FACEBOOK, someone got into my inbox FACEBOOK closed my account when the invader tried to log in to face book FACEBOOK allowed me to set up a new account now I have two accounts asking me to be friends with myself, then telling me email adress not recognised then asking me to log on with original email, tried to close both accounts but can't as it says use secondary email address, then saying email not recognised after they've just sent me 20 emails. I give up!
  • Mike
    Oh I forgot, Kwik Fit gave me a brakes for the life of the car ''guarantee'' when I wanted brake pads changing, would have gone to my usual place but thought I'd check this out as I do 40k a year, yes they said, bring in your receipt and your ''survey'' that's a new one on me never had a survey on a car before. Went back six months later [usual period for the pads to be changed] Oh says he your survey says we only checked the fronts , So what, says I, the guarantee says you have to have the backs ''surveyed'' says he, backs didn't need doing says I, well the backs should have been surveyed to comply with the guarantee says he, so why didn't they survey the backs when they sold me on the guarantee, dunno says he do you want us to do another survey, survey THIS says I, robbing bastards!! SAYS I!!!
  • Tony
    Careline Services - they really treat their people like shite, They have an absolute wank management team that actually call themselves senior managers. No structured management at all in any of the departments, the call centre managers are really really bad, brown nose upto senior mgmt team and do not listen to their staff, some of them literally come in part time and just fanny around, really feel sorry for the people that work for these people as not really their fault, probably a case of severe toxic management. The IT department is run by a complete cuntface of a manager as well, absolutely shite. Must be a surprise for Hinduja Global taking over as they must be thinking "WTF ?!?....someone flogged a pile of shite to us"... hahaha..
  • Charlie B.
    ECO PLASTICS (formerly known as AWS ) at Hemswell Cliff near Gainsborough Lincolnshire. What a complete crock of shite this business is ! Run by an incompitant bunch of dicks who call themselves management led by a collection of brainless halfwitted morons who call themselves directors, who would be hard pushed to organise a piss up at a brewery even if it had been pre arranged. If you ever fancy getting continually stabbed in the back, made to look like a turd or treated like something you would scrape off your shoe then this is the place to be. They have a large turn over of staff so no problem getting a job here
  • Jenny
    BT. Too long a story to tell. Business line that cannot handle one of their own machine's integral answering machines. Lies, excuses, delays, broken promises, broken contract ('I'll send you a copy of our Terms and Conditions, shall I?'). Today, no answering machine, no incoming calls on a NEW handset. Only when the Ombudsman got involved (and that's not exactly easy) did I get a call from somebody slightly willing to help. At one point, my technical complaint was forwarded to a Philippino Billing Advisor, who claimed I had agreed there was no fault on the line! The poor lass hardly spoke, let alone wrote, a word of English, so probably had difficulty with the four letters I had sent pointing out that BT's own engineers agreed the fault was on their line, not with my equipment.
  • Hss e.
    Hss hire shop takes the gold medal this company that dose not give a dame about it worker or is customers is make you do hours that you can't do you have do the hours or be sacked compromises on safety send faulty kit out to customers need some one to work under cover at this place very norrible place to work the list gose on Hss you can't treat people like you do you just greedy and put pople life in danger shame on you
  • mike
    I'd say Hannsspree as above for the worst repair service I've ever seen. Monitor went off. They sent a monitor with the same problem (took a week). They collected the 2nd monitor, send a monitor that was smashed on the front...several inch long spiderweb cracks on the screen - 3rd monitor sent (again a week). This one had cellophane wrapped horizontally around the monitor because the monitor had been vertically sliced in two!...no exaggeration....then hannsprees (repairtech in the UK) tried to claim either the courier had done it, or that the monitor was actually useable (they requested photos to prove that a monitor sitting in two seperate pieces wouldn't work!). Was quite obvious repairtech had sliced the monitor in two (Lord knows why!) then tightly wrapped it so the courier wouldn't notice. Maybe they hoped I'd taken delivery without opening the box....who knows....
  • mike
    Could also mention Virginmedia. Spoke to their tier1 "technical advisors". the woman didn't know what Ethernet was. Kept insisting I couldn't use ethernet on a virgin superhub because "you have to use a wired connection. we don't support ethernet. is this a wired connection?...yes it is....so its wired and not ethernet yes?" Spoke to tier2 who were dismissive and just laughed at the quality of tier1 but refused to actually HELP in any way, just said their superhub was "a bit crap but it's all we can offer"....
  • Marg
    Allen & Overy LLP is the worse company you can work for especially working in Global Finance where you are treated like dirt and a nobody. Worse Snr managers / manager, directors you can ever think of !!!
  • tommy j.
    fresh direct ,,,not had a payrise in 5yrs . there for 9 hrs ,,only get paid for 8 have to accrue your holidays ...
  • billy
    TNT(UK), treat staff like total pieces of rubbish, all they are interested in is cuts, cuts and expect staff to stay out till late to get the massive amounts of work they put onto them, then when staff get back to the depot all the managers have went home hours earlier. if a customer dares to phone in with a complaint they are fobbed with some lie or a total pile of bullshit,
  • David D.
    HCL Safety, senior managers have own agenda, abusive and do not honour their promises, products training and services are poor, making money out of customers overrides everthing. Lots of abusive e mails sent by management. Recommend do not take on any managers role with this company until its senior managers are replaced.
  • Justice
    Definitely, ALFRESCO SOFTWARE I have a friend who made them big lawsuit for discrimination, defamation, wrongful termination they are so screw based on her proofs and also this one she made it international and now she has a bunch of human rights institution on her part at minimum $12 millions that people must paid to her... So shame with people like VP or the CEO but they earn that.. So guys buy alfresco heheeheh
  • stuart b.
    Meggitt Avionics
  • Ms I.
    I nominate fashion label Izmaylova. They break the record of being a company that has many HM Courts and Tribunal Services judgements on non-payment of due wages without consent, by virtue of section 13 of the Employments Rights Act 1996.
  • Smiley m.
    Beefeater restaurants (whitbread) Bristol Alot of restaurants within there own locality are run by family and friends of family menbers (n/a not actually the whitbread company owners). But this leads to alot of in house bullying of non related staff, whilst this in itself can dealt with, it can only be be effective if the alleged bullied staff member has proper knowlege of how to use the H/R (human resourses) remember the H/R unit are still staff employed by the same employer as you. However if have support of other staff members this makes it alot easier by way of statements for your case and also against. Unfortunately even if other members of staff and more minor managers agree with you, they may not come forward in your defense for fear of reprisals at a later date. Anyway whilst you are sitting at the Bristol Fashion remember how they treat there staff. SSP. Templemeads Train Station SSP own and run the Pasty shop, Starbucks, Pumpkin, and Bonepartes restaurant and bar, To be honest in general the managers at these units are incompetant at best, they have had many an occassion of theft of money from their own managers and supervisors, to which they come down on there reliable staff after the fact. On one occassion a staff member was try to clean the underside of an oven that is a three man lift at the insistance of his manager, the oven fell and crushed his finger, the manager told him there was nothing wrong with his finger and made him finish his shift. On advise from a customer who witnessed the oven incident he went after his shift to AE who ex-rayed his hand and low and behold he had a broken finger funny that. It was riddiculous that the manager didnt send the boy to AE even if he thought it wasnt broken, i believe he was just to lazy to take over the shift himself. Nice! so that is just one example of bad behaviour, Just remember the next time you buy a pasty, baguette, sandwich or even a hot meal from bonepartes the company stinks.
  • Pop R.
    The worst company is the one where you work for free. SIMONA Badea and Ioan Badea are the owners at Smith and Felton in London. After teaching them English for two whole months, they simply refused to pay me. They are also constantly hiring new assistants for one or two months and then they never pay them. Thieves!
  • Mark b.
    Please visit and follow ihateworkinginretail.blogspot.com. Here is a daily rant/update on life as a retail employee. You can also vote for the worst retail company to work for on the planet.
  • Mbanbo
    Take a hard look at B&M Stores and they get a gold medal for the worst company to work for in the UK.
  • Wishinevereorkedthere
    Imperative Training in Irlam. Bunch of eejits and the MD is a total twat

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