World's first gay beer comes out


Are you gay? Do you enjoy beer? But do you sometimes feel that beer doesn’t reflect your homosexuality enough and end up drinking, fuck knows, Babycham or something instead?

Your worries could be at an end. What is believed to be the world’s first ever gay beer has been launched in Mexico, Colombia and Japan – amazing news for the alcohol-loving gay who might reside in those countries.

The gay brews are called ‘The Purple Hand Beer’ and ‘Salamandra’ and have been cobbled together by The Minerva micro-brewery under the brand name of ‘Artisan Honey-Ales’ and are in no way some kind of cheap attempt to drum up publicity.

Dario Rodriguez Wyler from the distributors Bodega 12 confirmed this by saying: “We’re out in the market with great respect with the idea of offering a product directed to the gay-lesbian community that has been ignored for too long but is important and very demanding.”

Whatever next we ask, as this slow news days crawls towards a disastrous conclusion...

[Pink News]


  • The B.
    Is it ginger?
  • Mark C.
    First gay beer? I thought that was Sol?
  • Nobby
    Wouldn't like to be had over a barrel of that !
  • Richard M.
    First gay beer? I thought that was lager in general?
  • Fat K.
    > First gay beer? I thought that was lager in general? Exactly, hommers have their own entire genre of beers. This is old news.

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