World's filthiest supermarket receipt discovered...

Quiet night in?




  • Skymarshall
    Night in, yes. Quiet.. Not so much..
  • andy y.
    happy easter
  • Brody 1.
    Self checkout - Fast, easy fun..... unexpected item in the bagging area.............. 'fuck off'
  • fra
    whats a ROV AA4?
  • markymark
    4 x Ray-O-Vac AA batteries.
  • Bazinga
    You can't make cucumber sandwiches without bread.
  • rob
    Wtf is dis real ?
  • vic
    no wonder they went for the self check out option!!!
  • Cheesey
    Any chance of giving me the receipt back? I need to return the Massager.
  • tin
    Apparently, WAL*MART self check out is FUN!
  • Roger
    Fast! Easy! Fun! I need her number now

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