World record cod and chips served in Doncaster

record breaking chipsA chippie in Doncaster is claiming to have broken the world record for the largest portion of cod and chips. Scawsby Fisheries served 33lb (15kg) of battered cod alongside 64lb (29kg) of chips.

As the picture shows on the right, it is a gargantuan amount of grub.

Doncaster paratrooper Ben Parkinson, who lost both legs below the knee in Afghanistan in 2006 (and invariably lost an arm after his arteries hardened once he'd tucked into all that food), was the first person to get stuck in.

Scawsby Fisheries reckon they've beaten the old record of 77lb (34.9kg) by 20lb (9.1kg), previously held by some place in Boston (where they have equally peculiar accents).

Martin Bilby, who works at the chippie, said the proof will now be given to Guinness World Records. "We lifted the fish out of the fryer using two clean garden forks," he said. "It took some getting out, to be honest. Two of us lifted it out and two people held the tray it went on."

While Bilby is clearly not a funny or interesting man, judging by his words surrounding the event, he's clearly got a kind heart. All this was to raise money for Ben Parkinson's charity, Pilgrim Bandits. Buying stocks in diabetes syringes around the Doncaster area might be an idea too...


  • Sicknote
    Well when I went to Doncaster all I found was morbidly obese unemployed sickness scroungers and a bunch of slags in the pubs. So, not surprised they're troffing down the largest fish and chips in the history of fatkind.
  • Steve
    @Sicknote The whole of Yorkshire's like that. Shit hole.
  • Mick
    Steve - You've obviously never seen the Dales or Moors or ventured too far out or your urban sprawl - Why not try Haworth or Whitby or get some culture in York or Harrogate. You could even visit the Winter Gardens in Sheffield or Kirkstall Abbey in Leeds. There are loads of great places if only you could get your fat southern arse passed Watford. As for Doncaster Sicknote, it has a world famous Horse Racing Track, one of the largest markets in the UK, several Castles/Halls of interest an air museum and a wildlife park nearby many other places of interest. Now I know you're just jealous - but try looking beyond your front door before you make silly comments......
  • Dick
    ^ Don't tell them that. Let them believe the north is crap, and they can stay away.
  • wingZero
  • Winter |.
    [...] Summer is almost over, time to start to get ready for Winter Gardens. There is nothing like the tast...mited by the onset of fall, especially in the colder northern climates. [...]
  • tony w.
    now then steve and sicknote. just read your childish comments on the worlds largest cod an chips in yorkshire. done to take a record back from america and most importantly raise money for a great cause for the pilgrim bandits. attended by ben parkinson war hero and a man you pair will never aspire to. guessing your both unemployed and doleys and not travelled much from local village. yorkshire is gods country. dont forget the olympics.
  • Fat S.
    That's nothing. It just looks like my usual Friday night chippy tea.

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