Work when you like! Yeah!

Working from home Every employee now has the right to request flexible working hours after the government said so.

The new rules have extended the right previously reserved for carers and those looking after children.

And as part of the right, employees can expect their request to be considered "in a reasonable manner" by employers, rather than be treated like unreasonable idiots.

So now you can bugger off and iron a baby when you like!

For the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills said 20 million people now had the right to ask to work flexibly, and that's good as for too long people have been made scared of taking time off that is rightfully theirs, or just bumming off sick.

Unsurprisingly, unions and employment groups welcomed the move.

The change in the law, which affects everyone with more than six months' service, comes less than a week after the government said it would ban employers from stopping staff with zero-hours contracts - under which employees' hours are not guaranteed - seeking extra work elsewhere.

The government expects the extension of flexible working rights to be of particular interest to older workers approaching retirement and to young workers looking for additional training while they work. Actually anyone and everyone will find benefits in this new world of wonder.

Oh hang on though, we've got a quote from a div: "Modern businesses know that flexible working boosts productivity and staff morale, and helps them keep their top talent so that they can grow," said Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. "It's about time we brought working practices bang up-to-date with the needs, and choices, of our modern families."

Anyway, while the increasingly irrelevant Clegg tries to clamber into favour, let's bunk off and raise a glass to the new rules. Hurrah!

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