Woolies to rise from ashes as online Phoenix

http://img79.imageshack.us/img79/5760/1367689347pedestrianwalkd9.jpgOn 2 February, we mentioned that Woolworths would become an internet retailer starting this summer, after the Shop Direct Group purchased the Woolworths name as well as the children's clothing license.

As predicted, according to the Woolworths Blog, the chain will not be opening brick and mortar stores, but will go entirely online. The blog also answers questions from Woolies fans about whether the online store will sell Ladybird children's clothes (yes), Chad Valley board games (probably not), and Pic 'n' Mix sweets (trying really hard not to).

Woolworths went into administration in late 2008, with all 807 stores closing between December 27, 2008 and January 6, 2009. Twenty-seven thousand people lost their jobs.

Woolworths Group plc owned the high street retailer Woolworths, plus book distributor Bertram Books and entertainment distributor Entertainment UK. But the stores were easily the star attraction of the enterprise group, offering its own children's clothing line, toys, and "WorthIt!" discount brands.

In addition to checking with the Woolworths blog, customers can also follow the progress of the online resurrection on... yes, Twitter and Facebook (remember to follow Bitterwallet).

If you're into self-inflicted torture, you can also listen to Radio Woolies on Last FM, where the playlist comes from messages sent by Woolworths customers stating the first singles they bought there. Sounds like fun.

[Woolworths Blog]


  • Mike H.
    Wonder if they'll have a 50% off* everything opening sale? *up to
  • Dan
    Woolworths is crap.

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