Won't someone think of the children! Part 72...

23 November 2010

This. This just wrong in so many ways. Look at him - not a trace of embarrassment across his face.




  • JJq
    This is as old as the internet. I really wish the 30 & 40-somethings running this site would realise they are getting a bit behind with the times.
  • Andy D.
    Drop us a line with your CV and some examples of ideas for the site. Thanks!
  • Ben
    that's the politest slapdown I've read in some time.
  • PokeHerPete
    Just a quick note, being a Registered Sex Offender isn't considered a real qualification.
  • Royal A.
    @JJq, the internet took off around 1981, Toy Story was first released in 1995 - therefore this albeit rather jubilant Buzz Lightyear cannot be 'as old as the internet'. Thanks.
  • tiny
    I like a good scrap. Somebody pass the glacier mints please
  • Jolly L.
    Are you supposed to blow or suck?
  • Boris
    I find that if you blow hard first then you get a big build up of pressure and then ... whoosh it all spurts into your mouth with no further effort. Yum.
  • zeddy
    My cock looks like that. It has something to do with the chlamydia.
    Hi Mum ! .... selcock rules !!!
  • Kev K.
    I am 12 and who is this trigger person ?
  • Taz
    Go to your room, both of you and no using the Internet

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