Woman Sues Water Company For Massive Error in Water Bill

http://img165.imageshack.us/img165/3381/jeanshawm203x1504341874wo4.jpgLiving for 16 years washing clothes only once a week and minimizing how often you get to flush the toilet can't be too pleasant.  So imagine the surprise to Jean Shaw, a West Yorkshire woman, who found out only 16 years later that the reason her bills were costing so much despite putting up with a smelly bathroom for 16 years, was because she's been paying for her next door neighbour's water bills all that time.

Shaw moved into her home in1992, and was receiving a quarterly water bill of £75, which she thought was expensive at the time, so she began to take drastic measures to keep her bill low, including making her children share baths to conserve water. She realized that something was wrong when, after her now adult children had left home, she still received a bill for £185.

Upon calling Yorkshire Water to investigate the problem, Shaw learned that she was connected to her neighbor’s water meter and had been paying the wrong bill the whole time. Yorkshire Water offered Shaw a generous £150 in compensation, but she is doing the 'right' thing- suing for £10,000 of the money she has lost, and the emotional distress she and her family suffered over the years.

[Daily Mail]


  • anon
    You've marked the link as [BBC] when it's not
  • Simon
    I have a similar situation with Southern Water (SWA) who connected a meter to my next door neighbours. Fortunately I realised something was wrong when I went on holiday and found that the meter was recording usage when nobody had been at the house. SWA sent a "Senior Inspector" to check on the installation and he reported that all was well and it had been correctly fitted to my property. It took several months of constant complaining before SWA sent someone who knew what they were talking about. He took one look and said "Oops!!" Now SWA are offering free water for the time that the meter was (incorrectly) fitted, an amount they estimate to be worth about £75. I have refused. I lived like Jean Shaw, never daring to flush the toilet or do washing until it became absolutely necessary. Showers were infrequent and very swift. I existed like this for nothing and SWA think that £75 covers my anguish, suffering and humiliation. I was degrading myself unnecessarily. I hope she wins big time.
  • tIequeKense
    Was ist das?

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