Couple Sues McDonalds for Stolen Naked Photos

An American man is suing McDonalds for approximately £2 million in damages for taking nude photos of his wife from his mobile phone and posting them online, after he accidentally left his mobile at a McDonalds in Arkansas. When he returned to pick up the phone (edit: he called first), the employees claim to have kept it under good watch for him. But clearly, not before uploading the 640x480s to FlickR in the back office munching on french fries.

His wife was certainly not 'lovin' it', when she started getting rude calls after her photos, including her name, address and phone number, were posted online.

But instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, the Shermans are living up to the American standard by suing the burger flippers, the franchise owner, and the restaurant manager for 'emotional distress, embarrassment, and punitive damages' because they can no longer eat there without being recognised. The incident has apparently caused them a loss of earnings, and they also need to recover the cost for moving to a new home... as if that would make the photos disappear.  McDonalds has refused to comment.  The photos have been taken offline.  If you look hard enough, you may find something, but I suggest you don't.  There's a reason why they eat at McDonalds.

[BBC via The Inquirer]


  • ODB
    tbf thats not the full story! The guy rang em up after he left it there...they found it and promised to look after it for him.... So it was one of the employees that did it no doubt!
  • Vince V.
    hey ODB yeah he did call ndeed. I'll add that, thanks. But who knows, maybe another customer copied the pics. Maybe he uploaded them himself. I just hope they don't get the money.
  • veedubjai
    All Mcdonalds will have security cameras which could be viewed if legal proceedings require this for eligible evidence if handset was picked/collected by staff members or the public but proving that the photos were uploaded by Phillip Sherman is another matter which he could be prosecuted for wasting court time & accusations towards the defendant, in this case McDonalds. If it is one of the staff members of the McDonalds, then the branch manager has the responsibility to ensure staff members adhere to customers request as gesture but be advise that all premises do state very clearly that any peronal belongings/possession of the customer on private property will not be the responsibility of Mcdonalds if lost, stolen or damaged. If the photos were uploaded from handset via data upload direct to internet, then itemised billing details will confirmed date, time & location via triangulation of the mobile transmitters will determine who could potentially uploaded photos. If photos were uploaded via BT to cable transfer then security camera evidence will established McDonalds staff uploaded or 3rd party public member have uploaded it. For all we know, Phillip Sherman or Tina Sherman could be attention seekers who likes & lives getting the kicks & may require medical attention. Leaving a mobile phone unattended anywhere is just asking for trouble let alone photos of your naked GF/wife. Why didn't Phillip Sherman locked the folder on the handset with security code. Anyone for some free international calls or free premium adult sex calls? Would anyone like to leave their bank/credit card behind on a table. He might as well leave the PIN number behind just as well. This will certainly be a huge lesson to Phillip Sherman not to be so dumb & not think about the consequences of leaving naked photos of his wife. What would have happen if he had naked minors on handset, the Police rings a bell.
  • Keturah P.
    What’s the speed of dark? :)

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