Woman auctions off her name on eBay

http://img236.imageshack.us/img236/7597/eileendebont0988182dc8.jpgThese days, you can sell just about anything on eBay - and that includes your name. Denbighshire dental assistant Eileen De Bont came up with a unique fundraising idea for charity - she would change her name to a moniker chosen by the highest bidder on eBay, and give half of the money to Children In Need (she will need to keep some of the cash to afford anti-depressants this winter... just kidding, the other half will be for her own kids).

De Bont agreed to have her name legally changed to any one of a list of 50 infamous and hilarious names, including Marge Simpson and Scunthorpe Travelodge, although she said the winning name did not have to be on the list. The winning bidder would receive the original deed poll as proof that De Bont indeed changed her name, and she would keep the name for an entire year. The auction officially closes on Sunday at 1451, but has already attracted 12 bids. Ironically, at £4000, the UK Deed Poll Service is leading the winning bid.

What name is she going to be given?  The UK Deed Poll Service is apparently requesting that Eileen De Bont change her name to that of the Children In Need one eyed mascot, Pudsey Bear.



  • SJT
    can;t find it on ebay... can anyone else?
  • Vince W.
    Yep. The auction is under completed listing. The link is here: (you may have to login) http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/YOU-CHOOSE-MY-NAME-I-CHANGE-IT-BY-DEED-POLL-FOR-A-YEAR_W0QQitemZ170277055128QQcmdZViewItem?hash=item170277055128

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