Woah there! Sainsbury's go customer coupon crazy

Bitterwallet - Sainsbury's coupon

You have to wonder exactly what sort of result Sainsbury's are hoping for here. Avid Bitterwallet reader Mike says the windfall won't change his life. We believe him.


  • Gunn
    What did he buy? 1 carrot?
  • Dick
    Imagine getting to the till and realising you forgot your nectar card.
  • Len D.
    ..."Only one coupon to be used per transaction". Woah. What a way to entice by giving them 3p off.
  • nicster08
    It's part of a trial Sainsbury's is doing to improve 'Coupon at till'. The coupons are random and not everyone receives them. They go from 1p up to £100
  • LanceVance
    So this is how you feed a family of four for £50 a week.
  • kv
    they might get a creme egg, or a jar of own brand curry sauce with this
  • Mike
    This was on a £40+ spend. You would think the vouchers would start at a reasonable level...

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