Wines That Rock? Wines that suck more like...

Wine_that_Rocks_M In 2010, it is harder than ever to fleece fans of vintage rock out of their disposable income – we’ve had CDs, remastered CDs, updated remastered CDs and box sets with previously unreleased tracks and free glove puppets of the artists.

Now fans of The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and taking too many drugs in a field can now somehow try and feel more closely connected with all of that by slurping away on mouthfuls of Forty Licks Merlot, Woodstock Chardonnay and The Dark Side of the Moon Cabernet Sauvignon. No, really.

It gets worse – they’re being sold under the brand name of Wines That Rock, which is the brainchild of rock business managers RZO and the Mendocino Wine Company. A three-bottle collection is retailing from the USA at a mere $50 (about £33) at the moment and the brand will be rolled out worldwide early in 2010.

Because if you’re not sure what kind of wine you like, don’t ask an in-store expert – just pick one up that’s got a picture of one of your favourite albums on the label, in the same way that kids pester their parents for High School Musical yoghurts. Apparently there's an Amy Winehouse Zinfandel on its way soon – but sadly there’s only a couple of drops left in the bottom of the bottle.




  • charitynjw
    Evaporation (Amy)
  • John J.
    There's a lot in a name. Brands sell, not quality so much. John DeFlumeri jr
  • rose
    You might like this article on Wines That Rock over at the naming & branding blog On the Button. Have a look:

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