Wine rebrand gets patronising

blossom hill Blossom Hill have had a bit of a redesign as to make their labelling a bit clearer.

In association with Bloom consultancy, the new labels should help wine drinkers ascertain what is best for them. Other than it being three for a tenner or something like that.

Boozers will now be able to distinguish what wine is which, by a variety of graphics and types of font that changes as the drinker can select from good, better and best.

Good is your entry level crisp and fruity wines. Better is the 'sun-kissed' option, which covers the likes of rosé, and the Best selection engulfs Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Grigio and Merlot.

As you progress through the ranges, the lettering gets fancier and graphics poncier. Bloom planning director Ed Hayes that the new labels would make it "easy, unintimidating and keep people within the brand".

"There is a misconception that because of the low price the quality isn't high, so we’re using design to communicate the benefits of cost purchasing".

He continued, in a way that pleases yet also baffles the client.


  • Algernon
    Ghastly wine. Easy to pass up in the supermarkets, whatever price it is.
  • Jack S.
    Blossom Hill, Echo Falls. Nah.
  • Sledge
    “There is a misconception that because of the low price the quality isn’t high” The opposite is also true. I've paid through the nose for high quality only to discover it was like dish-water. Didn't stop me finishing the bottle though.

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