Windows users can browse for a new browser

Not so long ago, Google plastered the country in ads for Google Chrome, their OS for PCs and laptops. It was a little baffling as to why free papers had a Chrome wraparound, why Google had taken over knackered old billboards in town centres. Why was Google suddenly trying to raise the profile of their operating system? Part of it may have been to do with Christmas sales, to try and persuade new users to trial Chrome. Now it appears it was far more strategic than that.

After losing out to the European Competition regarding their anti-competitive approach to software, Microsoft has been forced to offer Windows users the opportunity to change browsers. A Windows Update in the next couple of weeks will provide a browser choice screen to Windows users in Europe who are running Internet Explorer as their default browser.

Users will see a number of browser options - including Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Explorer, of course - displayed in a random sequence and be able to choose a new default browser. That won't seem like a big deal to avid Bitterwallet readers, since you lot are savvy enough to be aware of other options - but plenty of for plenty of PC users, it will never have crossed their minds that an alternative is available.

Microsoft - choose your on browser

It's now apparent Google's carpet bombing of the media in December was a preemptive strike to raise awareness of their OS ahead of whatever action Microsoft was forced to take - the news that Microsoft would have to give PC users a choice of browser broke in mid-December.


  • Mogwai
    Chrome = Browser Chromium = Operating System. The two words are not interchangeable.
  • goon
    firefox, the browser equivalent of the iphone
  • Lee
    "firefox, the browser equivalent of the iphone" Lol... not Safari?? The browser the Iphone actually uses? ok
  • Rob
    goon indeed - firefox is nothing like the iphone, it's not poncy, over-priced or fashionable amongst idiots ...what on earth are you talking about ?
  • Laurz
    Mogwai - from "Chromium is an open-source browser project that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable way for all Internet users to experience the web. " ergo Chromium = Browser Chromium OS = Operating System
  • the h.
    @Mogwai the browser is called Chrome and the OS is called Chrome OS. Chromium and Chromium OS are the open source projects overseeing the development of the browser and OS respectively.
  • pauski
    "but plenty of for plenty of PC users" WTF?
  • dunfyboy
    I think Goon means it's kinda like a browser and you can install lots of plug ins to make it a bit better, or just use Opera to start with. Relating it to iphone, sure, its good to use, you can install loads of apps on it but it's still not much cop as a phone. Anyone taking bets that 99% of IE users don't even contemplate changing browsers? If someone wants to use a different one they'll already be doing so.
  • Teresa
    I still have not implemented Chrome - not sure if I want it I have heard both sides of the fence and really see no reason to change what I already have. It is not broke so why fix it right?
  • Jase
    @Goon - Haven't a clue what you're trying to get at. @Teresa - "If it's not broke then why fix it?". Many people are too stuck in their own ways to understand that a lot of time / money / effort can be saved by a few tweaks here and there. C'mon, I know a guy that goes to the google website and does a search on his company name just to navigate to his website and then to his admin login. He did the same for his web mail login too. Now, it's just two bookmarks that open up automatically when he launches his browser. With the FireBug plug-in for Firefox, the live view of CSS amendments (e.g. margin nudging) has saved me lots of web build time. The time I've saved is all thanks to hearing about it and breaking routine to give it a chance. But it's quite simple...Chrome is the best for browsing, Firefox is the best for development.
  • Shopdis F.
    Chrome is shit, end of. Can't even render CSS properly

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