Win the new iPod Touch with Bitterwallet's birthday competiton

Your entries for our 2nd birthday competition are coming in thick and fast. Well, thick at least. And you've still plenty of time to enter and WIN. What can you win? Glad you asked:

a 32GB iPod Touch (yes, the new one with all the shiny)

a Kindle 3G

a Next tablet PC

You can find out more about the competition and the rules by reading this post here, and you can see the entries sent so far by visiting our Flickr page. Essentially, all we want you to do is design a birthday card for Bitterwallet and send it to [email protected] (remove the hyphens, knuckleheads).

For the love of God, send your entries in a format that we've heard of, or one we'll manage to convert before our third birthday. JPEG or PNG will do nicely. Sending PSD files may make you feel superior, but know we'll all be calling you a twat behind your back.

This is one of our favourites so far, but we haven't figured out why avid Bitterwallet reader Adam chose to add Bill Clinton and not the likes of Steve Jobs:

Bitterwallet - 2nd Birthday celebrations

Of course you don't have to be a Photoshop pro, as our entries clearly demonstrate. We like simple too, as demonstrated by avid Bitterwallet reader Chris. So chop chop - you've got until next Tuesday at 5pm to send your hand-crafted endeavours.


  • DrTrouserPlank
    I'm perplexed by his decision to omit the image of any foxes from his submission.
  • adam k.
    I was in abit of a rush hehe, wow featured on the site too! Very impressed with myself! but im guessing the rules wont allow me to edit my submission? Ad.
  • PaulH
    Bitterwallet should release the logo for us to use
  • Twat
    Id love to edit mine after seeing other peoples... hold my hand up to sending a PSD lol
  • Darren
    how comes my entry is not on the "entries sent so far by visiting our Flickr page"
  • Sushruta
    Just sent my entry 10 minutes back & it got posted on Flickr.Wow.That's pretty fast. :)

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