Win the games console of your choice with Dealspwn!

Despite their appalling behaviour at the Christmas party karaoke last week, credit where's credit due - the Dealspwn team have a belting competition on the go right now, but you've only got two days left to enter. What could you win? Take a gander at this festoon of delights:

The games console of your choice could be yours (so long as it's one of those pictured above - no clever twats asking for an Atari 2600, thanks) and it couldn't be easier to win. You can enter up to three times - to find out how, head on over to the pixelated magnificence that is Dealspwn.


  • Gunn
    I posted the first comment, but no bonus entry for that :( Great competition though, someone will be extra happy for Christmas
  • My P.
    i'll have the George Forman please
  • Chris
    Already signed up and have been receiving my daily spam since. Not got a hope in holy hell of winning though.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. Please enter me in your competition and send me a Xbox 360. I already own a Nintendo Wii & PlayStation PS3, so i won't be interested in those. Thanks
  • dunfyboy
    Hi Brian, and thanks for posting your comment here rather than on Deal Spawn, taking my chances of winning from a million to one down to 999.999 to one.
  • Emma
    @Chris - spam is unsolicited. You signed up, it ain't spam :p

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