WIN copies of Skyrim tonight with HotUKDeals and Dealspwn

18028093_300x300_1 Here at Bitterwallet, we’re all about the giving. We learned it from our parent site HotUKDeals, where there’s a non-stop flow of info about bargains, savings, free stuff and the like. Better still, sometimes they like to give away actual stuff to their members, via the internationally-recognised Twitter service.

Take last week for example. There was a six-hour orgy of prize-giving from the @HotUKDeals and @Dealspwn Twitter accounts, with copies of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 flying around all over the place. Lots of people got lots of happy that night.

There’s more of the same tonight. ‘Tune in’ from 6pm this evening at either of those Twitter accounts and you’ll be in with a chance of bagging yourself a copy of the next big game, Skyrim.

The night will run like as follows:

6pm - Dealspwn
7pm - HotUKDeals
8pm - Dealspwn
9pm - HotUKDeals
10pm - Dealspwn
11pm - HotUKDeals

All you need to do is reply on Twitter with the answer and the #winSkyrim hashtag within the hour.

For example, if this is the question:

Win Skyrim. Who voiced Uriel Septim VII in Oblivion? Reply with answer & hashtag before 7pm. #winSkyrim

If the question came from Dealspwn, then you should answer:

Patrick Stewart @Dealspwn #winSkyrim

Or if the question came from HUKD, then answer:

Patrick Stewart @HotUKDeals #winSkyrim

Individual question rounds will last an hour, after which three winners with the correct answer will be chosen at random for each question.

As you'll see in the rules below, they only accept one entry per person. Multiple entries and duplicate posts are deleted upon data collation to ensure a level playing field.

A few house rules:

One entry will be accepted per account per question. You're welcome to compete in all of the question contests, but the maximum you'll win is one copy.
One entrant per household.
UK entrants only.

See you there this evening!


  • The B.
    Skyrim? Was that Rebecca Brooks did to Rupert Murdoch? Also, you fail to mention whether this is for pc, xbox 360,ps3 or all of the above, not that I'm fussed as [email protected] is the devils love juice, it corrupts all who bathe in it.
  • DragonChris
    Bob, as with all these competitions, you can choose which format if you win.
  • Dick
    I'll have betamax then.
  • The B.
    All of them? This is only the second one is it not?

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