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Bloody hell, it's getting crowded in the Bitterwallet office. Not only do we share our space with the Dealspwn team - a bunch of under-nourished moody teenagers with their arses hanging out their trousers - we've had to move the pool table to make room for PlayPennies - a new team blogging about the best deals for parents. We'll be honest with you - they're all good looking MILF who bring a sense of balance to the potty-mouthed antics of Bitterwallet team, and they'll probably ensure the Dealspwn lot get fed properly.

Besides all that, they've just launched with a corking competition for you to win your choice of prize from Amazon worth up to £200. Best get your skates on though - you've only got until tomorrow to enter.


  • piggy
    Yes please, can you post some photos?
  • Gunn
    Any plan to job share? bit of hot desking maybe
  • Goon
    You have an office? WTF

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