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Screen Shot 2011-09-08 at 13.59.11 As regular readers will probably know, we’re affiliated with the mighty HotUKDeals website – your one-stop shop for bargains galore. But did you know that HUKD is celebrating its seventh birthday? That’s right – it’s almost old enough to cross the road on its own. And with 400,00 members and more than ten million comments, it’ll be crossing the road with its chest puffed out all proud-like.

To celebrate, there’s a pretty exciting competition going on over there, with the chance to win an iPad 2, a 160GB PS3 Slim, a Nintendo 3DS and a load of Amazon vouchers. It’s free to enter but you’ll need to show off your photographic prowess if you want to walk off with a prize. You’ve got until Sunday September 18th.

If that wasn’t enough, you can also join in with the vibrant HUKD community (think of it as like a virtual festival without the mud and chemical toilets) and take part in an online pub quiz tomorrow night from 8pm, with more Amazon vouchers up for grabs. It’s got to be better than watching the new series of Big Brother...


  • PokeHerPete
    Is this going to be like your magazine competition? Just ignore it after the closing date.
  • StuPid
    Actually Pete, they tweeted me to say that they will be sorting the competition after they put the bins out, which I expected to be fairly quick, until this morning when I read 'Here at Bitterwallet, we operate out of a hermetically-sealed bunker, buried 50 metres below the ground.'
  • Dick
    And they have a lot of fast food packaging to deal with. And probably used tissues too.

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