will.i.am to launch smartwatch this week

william Popular music irritant will.i.am is to launch his new smartwatch affair on Thursday, barging right into competition with the Apple Watch.

The watch will have Bluetooth capability for wire-free internet connection, and doesn't need to be linked to a mobile phone like Apple's.

It is capable of making and receiving calls without a supplementary phone.

However what is of interest among all this folly, is that will.i.am has used UK firm 7digital to deliver the music aspect of the gadget.

The company's shares went up by 44% as a result of being associated with the Black Eyed Pea.

The device stores music, which can be updated via its internet connection, and there are rumours that using will.i.am's clout, 7digital have made deals with a variety of labels and hope that each artist is treated equally.

Which will make a change for an online music service.

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