Why is it reduced? Is it not meant to look like that?

(via @mrlukerobinson)


  • David H.
    Fuckin £2.10. This does piss me off Which wankers price these up? And on what sliding scale? Surley if its smashed to fuck it should revert to its chocolate weight value which is about 30p
  • Grammar N.
    Yup, a reduction of 90p for a smashed easter egg is a bit tight.
  • Studley
    If anything they should mark it up, the same way that lazy fucks have to pay extra for grated cheese.
  • Head
    It's Mr Bump, what do you expect lol. I don't think anyone got the joke
  • Dr Z.
    Chocolate you say? What dumpster can I find this in? Ah! Tesco.

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