Why doesn't every staircase in the world look like this?

22 July 2011

Adults are consistently getting this ‘life’ thing considerably wrong, and the only solution we can think of is to put massive slides wherever there’s a large staircase. This Dutch subway station has got the right idea.


We might be wrong, but we reckon if Rupert Murdoch built a few hundred of these around the country and emblazoned The Sun’s logo all over them, we’d pretty much forgive him everything in a trice. Yes?



  • Darren
    I might have to install one of these in my mansion. Oh wait I don't have a mansion. oh well, when I get one..
  • Fake B.
    Great, until some twat strategically places his chewing gum, or has a massive shit on it. Twats.
  • The B.
    I was thinking more that there'd be a load of tourists standing at the bottom getting in everyone's way.
  • kv
    looks like it takes longer going down the slide
  • Zleet
    I'd stick a line of taped together bin bags at the bottom slathered in cooking oil and see how far I could shoot unsuspecting Dutch people.
  • Phil76
    This site's really gone downhill recently

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