Why can't Nat West practice what they preach?

Avid Bitterwallet reader Iain Lynn has been in touch via the globally-recognised electronic mail system to tell us about a recent incident with the Nat West bank. He’s fairly literate so we’ll let him explain what happened himself.

“I've applied to the Nat West for a new account and bank card, and received a pre-card letter to inform me of my PIN. As the letter states, I can change my PIN if I wish, but I should probably avoid ‘numbers that are easy to guess’, like ‘repeated numbers (1111)’.”

Screen Shot 2012-04-03 at 18.29.45

Can you guess which PIN they sent him readers? Yep… there it is. BOOM!


Hats off to Nat West!


  • Iain L.
    "Mum, mum, quick let me borrow the computer, I have something funny to put on Bitterwallet which will make people think I'm not a cunt, which I so rightfully am. Are we having fish fingers for tea?"
  • Iain's M.
    Don't show Graeme, he'll think it's a row of penises.
  • Graeme
    Ha ha! The 1 looks just like a peni...
  • Darren
    So a random number generated 1111 what are the odds? 1/9999. He should play the lottery I guess someone would say, but not me. News? this? Really?
  • Mike b.
    You would imagine though, Daz. That they would tell the computer not to use these kind of numbers. You simpleton, you.
  • Suck M.
    First Bank of Ireland card account I had was 1234 The days before changing PIN in machine, asked for a new one by phone, they sent me 3333 Go Figure
  • Pedant
    with a 4 digit number there are 10000 combinations, not 9999.
  • Alan's m.
    pen1s ?
  • Darren
    @Pedant you should not include 6666 that is Graeme's number! You simpleton
  • zeddy
    There are quite a few wankers who think their retorts are funner than the articles. Sometimes they are but the wankers seem to criticise anything posted these days. Solution? Fuck off and don't come back if this site is shite in your opinion. I'll take payment in small denominations please, Andy. Yes, shite reply too...
  • Red K.
    I don't know why people are so surprised that this site is a magnet for wankers and piss heads when such articles as "I fisted your mum last night" get posted...
  • Darren
    zeddy has been let out of rehab before he was reddy... Want a drink?
  • Wonky_Henry
    I'm with RedKen, in fact I first found this site because of a post about mints you stick in your lady parts.. ../in-the-shops-now-fints-freshen-up-parts-only-ladies-can-reach/20310 Wow, in looking up that URL I find that Zeddy posted on the article....kudos to Zed!
  • Boris
    My oh my, some people seem to be having a moody day. I would not make the mistake of making a joke about ‘that time of the month’ again because I would be told off by my women’s officer just like last time. There is an election on you know and some of the voters are women! I’m sorry to have been a bit too busy to cheery you all up with my good natured japery but I’ve been far too busy interviewing new communications officers after sacking the last one (who, as I have taken pains to establish as part of a developing narrative, was wank) for the April Fools shenanigans. Anyway, the day was mostly filled with a lovely parade of highly skilled ladies but after that I had to get on with the interviews. Would you believe it a lovely transgender gentlewoman was the most desperate; one Mof Gimmers. I took pity an employed him immediately for an insulting pittance so I’m afraid she will be far too busy to produce the high standard of artless you have been accustomed to. Prepare for a slight dip in quality of his output until the glorious victory. I notice Red Ken is hanging about all of a sudden. I won’t stoop to his diabolical level by pointing out that all of the schools are closed so there are no gates for him to be hanging around during the day. I am sure that our good readers can work that out for themselves. Now I must get back to training Mof; I had assumed that he had been housebroken but, by the current aroma and wry smile on his little face, I have been sadly let down by BitterWallet.

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