Why are MyVoucherCodes still spamming everyone?

Last week we called out MyVoucherCodes for their silly newsletter antics. In short, parent company Markco Media had cut and paste their newsletter subscription list from Groupola to MyVoucherCodes and started sending the new recipients their newsletter. That's not illegal but it is irritating; what is illegal is not allowing people to unsubscribe.

Bitterwallet - MyVoucherCodes spam

The first email newsletter received by Bitterwallet and several readers had an unsubscribe link that directed us to a specific page on their site, which assured the user their email address had been taken off the list. It hadn't. Last week, the newsletter's unsubscribe link redirected to the site's homepage. This week it's doing exactly the same thing. In short, potentially thousands of people are receiving a newsletter they never asked for, and there's no way of stop it. That's spam, MyVoucherCodes.

And then there's the law, too. It's wrapped up in the Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003, specifically sections 22 and 23. Here's the ICO's take on the regulations, and here's clause 23:

23. A person shall neither transmit, nor instigate the transmission of, a communication for the purposes of direct marketing by means of electronic mail:

(b) where a valid address to which the recipient of the communication may send a request that such communications cease has not been provided.

So MyVoucherCodes are still spamming people, still failing to offer any way to unsubscribe from their spammy newsletter. Any other companies ignoring the law to spam your inbox? Let us know in the comments. Meanwhile, here's what to do about spammers like MyVoucherCodes if it's irritating you, too.


  • Marky M.
    You're screwed if this stuff is coming from abroad though. Which is exactly why spamming is done from India/Philippines/Russia in the first place.
  • Emma K.
    Yeah, it's annoying me that I cannot unsubscribe to this. I replied to their last email, they haven't responded.
  • Mr j.
    They have been doing this for ages and know about it, Marko and his bunch of clowns make money by spam/cookie stuffing etc just google 'my voucher codes' and see the endless comments about them!
  • Nobby
    I know they should stop when asked, but I find the simplest thing to do with companies like this is a simple filter for their email address and send their email direct to trash, no passing go, no collecting £200.
  • Antz221
    If you have hotmail you can use the sweep function to block all mail from this sender :)
  • Dale
    Its supermarket sweep!
  • alexandrov
    Funny the only example I have is the Northern Irish Football Assoc. Keep sending me emails and the link to unsubscribe takes me to a dead page. I try to block the email manually but somehow they still get through
  • Cheesey
    What do you expect from scumbags like this who run dodgy iPhone promotions and have their skanky staff spam message boards?
  • The B.
    You could complain to the OIC, like they'll anything.
  • SBAC
  • Billy
    Ha, yep - still spamming me c/o the shite that is/was Groupola. Got an iphone4 of them for £99 quid, so shouldn't grumble too much.
  • jo
    very.co.uk are a nightmare as well. no idea ho i got subscribed as ive never bought off them but in order for me to unsubscribe it requires me to make an account and login. I actually had to email customer service to have them unsubscribe me as they were driving me mad.
  • Ben
    "Moneymagpie" did the same thing (maybe the same people) ... keep reporting them as spam in gmail and eventually they stop coming.
  • Bill
    And they are back at it, SPAMMING - no idea who they are

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