Whose baked beans be the best baked beans? You tell us!


Osama Bin Laden is back, back, BACK with a new brand single recorded message. Oddly though, he doesn’t take the opportunity in it to express his preference when it comes to baked beans. Bizarre stuff when you consider the fact that Which? magazine have just published the results of a poll regarding the matter.

In the big baked bean taste test, Branston came out of top, in spite of the fact that they trail behind Heinz (voted only fourth) in the sales stakes. Asda and Morrisons’ own brand both trumped Heinz to finish second and third respectively.

But we’ve got a bit of history with Which? and we’re not completely sure that we trust them, so we’re opening the question up to you, our avid readers. You’ve got until midnight to settle this once and for all…

We’ll try and get a quote from Bin Laden as the day progresses but we can’t promise anything.


  • The B.
    Branston? Seriously? Do these people drink bleach to keep their taste buds in tip top condition?
  • DrTrouserPlank
    I think ASDA and Morrison's beans beating Heinz to the top spot is more of a reflection on what tight-asses people are when it comes to spending money on food, rather than any indicator of quality.
  • Nobby
    Tescos basics.
    'Brand Monkeys' are blinkered from the moment the cathode ray nipple is forced upon them. Their wallets splayed open for the advertisers COCO
  • Andy D.
    Thanks COCO!
  • Rob
    HP beans were always better than the oversweetened Heinz version - they've vanished now ... because they've been rebranded Branstons's !!!!
  • Joff
    It's always bean Branston beans for me... Branston beans taste like Heinz beans used to with a decent tomato sauce. When the multipack offers are on, Branston's are also a much cheaper option than Heinz too. Heinz will win this vote though because they've got the market share and people are too scared to try different beans.
  • RSG
    there is a place in London, near Belgravia, a small shop, which has beans in a jar (not tin) same size, but a bit dear at £1.89 a jar however they are the best beans on the market.
  • Joff
    Some of my previous pro-Branston comments: http://www.bitterwallet.com/own-brand-goods-in-unprecedented-sales-rise-but-do-they-all-taste-of-cushions/17190 http://www.bitterwallet.com/comebacks-for-bisto-vimto-and-fray-bentos-lard-next/7898 http://snackspot.org.uk/thread.php?story=0511251426fah
  • Joff
    I am a Branston whore.
  • Beans T.
    I agree with Nobby, Tescos basics are lovely
  • Stuart
    I prefer Asda beans overall but I think it depends on what you are having them with. If I have a bean butty I prefer Asda as they have more juice so its more messy, messy = I enjoy If I am having beans with say full english then its Heinz with the less juice as its all getting covered in tomato ketchup anyway
  • Iain
    People have to try Bransons before the answer the question about what is the best Baked Bean. Bransons are far and away the best tasting of them all.
  • Pedant
    I hate beans. Poll fail.
  • LanceVance
  • The B.
    Iain, I have to ask, what are Bransons beans? Are they Virgin Beans or something? I've not tried them but they fon't appear to be included in the poll anyway.
  • The B.
    Oops, don't appear to be included.
  • Gunn
    Heinz for me, I like the flavoured range they do, Sweet Chilli, Mexican, BBQ etc
  • Zub
    Branston Beans are great. Since I was a kid I thought their beens sucked. Tescos are good too. Even the supermarket tomato ketchup tastes better and has more tomato content than Heinz.
  • Hmm...
    Heinz Organic > Branston Beans and Ketchup > Heinz Ordinary
  • analicious
    used to be a heinz man, now it's <3 4 branston
  • cookie
    Heinz are perfectly decent but Branston are by far my favourites as they just taste better!
  • House, M.
    HP are still on sale in Poundland...
  • IfYouCopyMyNameYouAreGayIsGay
    Branstons, without a shadow of a doubt. This poll bares no relevance though, as the cheap skanky pig fuckers who dwell on this website will skew the results to their shitty pointless lifestyles of eating shit for fuck all. And they're slaves to the advertising bollocks.
  • Onlineo
    Has to be anything but Branstons. These beans are always on offer so my girlfriend always buys them, but they are just far too sweet. I usually love sweet things, but i simply cant eat more than 1 spoon full of Branstons without feeling sick. So I buy any other beans. Heinz when on offer, otherwise supermarket own!
  • Valerie B.
    I don't think Heinz taste as good as they used to either. Glad it's not only me !!
  • Beanz M.
    I've always loved Heinz Baked Beans, but recently found the sauce a bit too thin and runny. However, their fridge pack baked beans have a thicker sauce and are really nice. Got to say that overall though, Branston Baked Beans are the best and my current favourite.
  • David M.
    Branston Baked Beans used to be my families favourite but not any more as they are now as runny as the Heinz variety.
  • IZ
    I was never a beans fan! But lately somehow ended up buying Branston brand.. nd I have to say I was mega surprised with the taste!! Its way better than any ordinary beans on the market, and Heinz should be taken off from the market, as it give wrong idea how baked beans should taste like! Just try it! you will be amazed!

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