Who's hungry for a whole chicken in a can then?

It's almost lunchtime here at Bitterwallet HQ and today, we've each got one of these… a tin of Sweet Sue's Canned Whole Chicken.

There isn't a single part of the experience that isn't utterly to die for. The way it slides out of the can as though it's being born, the jelly that it comes daubed in and the thought that Sweet Sue personally stuffed the bloody thing into the can in the first place.

Mmmmmm… whole chicken in a can…..

[Food Network Humor via BuzzFeed]

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  • Mike H.
    Do they actually grow the chicken in a can in a sort of banzai kiten kind of way, and the juices are it's own bodily fluids. I presume as they put the lid on, this cuts the poor little fuckers head off?
  • Tommy
    I actually feel physically sick just looking at image 2... wrong on so many levels!
  • Andy D.
    I think it's got something to do with lasers. Pretty sure Sweet Sue does animal corspe-shrinking lasers too.
  • Lumoruk
    it's just wrong on so many levels
  • acecatcher3
    hmm yummy.
  • Eddiex
    A dozen tins of this ,loads of beer,a shotgun and a gas mask.Get ypurself pandemic ready now !!!
  • ctuk
    what's the shelf life on these, I'm thinking about stocking up
  • Kevan
  • laststar
  • Mike
    I would let that chicken slide out, I would then proceed to part said chicken, I would then personally stuff it with manfat by humping the shit out of it. Only THEN would I actually eat it.
  • gavlp
    mmmmm. Chicken. as Homer might say. Almost as good as Spam.
  • sedgwick
    You're all just pussies, I'd eat it no problem. It's just a cooked chicken....in a can.
  • Adrian
    I thnk I'm going to puke..... So much wrong in the world
  • Andy D.
    Low budget ad here for a rival brand...
  • Andy L.
    That is truly horrendous. Eraserhead in a can...
  • ctuk
    @sedgwick that aint no cooked chicken, fool.
  • Darren
    Throw it on the barbie, it will cook fine, might not look like a chicken but it will taste similar
  • Emma
    Loving the expression on the kid's face as the chicken slides out of the can!
  • minorthreat c.
    [...] thing I’ve seen today comes from bitterwallet - It’s a whole chicken in a can! Yummy. Thanks to wo0 for bringing this culinary delight to [...]
  • JimJim
    More pics @ http://eatliver.com/i.php?n=4264
  • Jen
    I almost barfed. This has got to be the sickest thing I've seen. Maybe it's a good tool to use when I go on a diet.
  • Trina
    It's just a chicken in it's own congealed juices.... you guts are stupid.
  • Sinéad
    That makes me want to vomit... so did you EAT it?
  • Play.com: B.
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  • Christopher
    Is it just me or does anyone else look at image 2 and expect it to start dancing cabaret style?
  • davo
    It looks like a British politician in a can , gutless , slimeball, chicken hearted , bald , absolutly tasteless. canned as well. The label also shows in true politicial coverage something qiute different to the actual mess your left with. YUK.... only for the consumption of political and food numpties
  • A B.
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    [...] means any incriminating pictures of you getting mucky with a tin of chicken or that massive note you wrote in praise of Hitler’s watercolours/killing of millions of [...]
  • Richard F.
    I have eaten canned whole chicken many times, and it makes great chicken and dumplings, or chicken and needles. The juice makes the gravy delicious. Try it and see. The same brand was sold in grocery stores in the mid west in the 1950's and 1960's, the time of my childhood.
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  • john w.
    I used to eat it at christmas, one can would feed four of us, put it this way. There was bugger all else to eat. Besides we enjoyed it.
  • Pizza p.
    [...] Pizza’s zijn onhandig om mee te nemen als je op de fiets zit. Een doos onder je arm klemmen lukt nog wel, maar daarbij glijden alle ingrediënten naar één kant. Bij 1finecookie hebben ze daarom iets slimmers bedacht: stop de pizza in een pot. Na een eindeloze introductie over Ricky Martin en DMX komen ze eindelijk toe aan het recept: pizzadeeg, tomatensaus, mozzarella-kaas en optionele extra’s zoals basilicum en plakjes salami. Alles wat je hoeft te doen is de pizzaingrediënten in een glazen pot stoppen. Om te voorkomen dat het deeg een zompige massa wordt, moet je één laag deeg bovenop gebruiken of eerst de bodem bakken en pas dan de overige ingrediënten toevoegen. Smaakt vast beter dan kip uit blik. [...]
  • Sue b.
    Hi there, can someone tell where I can buy canned whole chicken in London please? Thanks.

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