Who wants to go to a circus? Will Olivia Munn be there?

Animal fan society PETA are continuing with their tactic of getting their message across by making posters containing huge pictures of beautiful naked ladygirls. Who could forget their previous classic advert for dogs? Not us.

Here’s their latest effort, starring American TV personality Olivia Munn. Some immediate thoughts…

1)    No, we don’t know who she is. Yes we like her.

2)    There’s a circus? Where’s the circus? Shall we all go?


Keep it up Pete!


  • Amanda H.
    Stupid foot.
  • mark M.
    PETA are really annoying. I went to see a band live and they had a PETA stand in the foyer of the venue. It was full of shit attempts to induce guilt, inclusing a sign with an unhappy calf with a slogan telling us that milk is meant for cows and we're stealing it from them! I know that they are responsible for inciting violence because I saw a very short (30 seconds or so) documentary that showed cows trying to get the milk back...something to do with Cravendale, I think
  • coz s.
    @ amanda hugginkiss with minimal effort it is possible to photoshop the foot out and replace it with a "protruding front elephant" the results are equal parts nightmarish, comedic and justifiable (for peddling this lot of old tosh) every one knows elephants belong in a circus where they can be fed peanuts and jeered at by people who were hoping for lions
  • Sting
    Her foot is covering her fanny
  • David
    Of course animals don't belogn in a circus. But circus life is fun and the animals enjoy it more. In the wild they are hunted for tusks etc.
  • Rob
    I'll do whatever she wants me to.
  • Nobby
    There'd be carnage if we just let the elephants free. http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,426561,00.html It would be better to convert them into umbrella holders or something useful like that.
  • Klingelton
    There's plenty of one handed websites that don't have a strategically placed foot.
  • Andy B.
  • Disgruntled B.
    Its just winked at me
  • Fatal E.
    Thats some bad airbrushing on her face. She looks like a rubber doll, which is kind of a good thing as I'd imagine I would have more of a chance of shagging one.
  • dacouch
    Call it a lucky guess but her name is Olivia Munn...
  • zeddy
    Olivia Munn for petting.
  • raptorcigs b.
    OVEN READY CHOMP!!!!!!!!
  • Jack
    I'll boycott the circus if she moves her foot
  • FUCK E.
    Basically, who the FUCK are PETA to say I can’t eat shit loads of animals at the detriment of my own health and the environment. NEWSFLASH COMMUNISTS ITS NOT YOUR PLANET. I CAN FUCK IT UP IF I WANT YOU CUNTS. NEWSFLASH NANNY STATE> ITS NOT YOUR BODY I CAN EAT WHAT I WANT. I own a 3 liter engine car and that's my fucking choice! If you don't like acid rain, stay in bed BOZO. The alpha males are ruling the road now NERDS! Nature pisses me off anyway, when I see a beavers dam it just looks like a bonfire I haven't lit yet. Fuck this shit, I’m going to Starbucks.
  • FUCK E.

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