Who is happiest and most miserable on the trains?

train Who is happiest on the trains of the UK? Well, Which!!! have been looking into it and it turns out that the people of the South East of England are the most unhappy passengers, while those in the North are the happiest.

Does that mean Northerners are less likely to moan, or is the service in the South East considerably worse?

The Which!!! survey looking at national rail services discovered that the four worst-performing trains could be found in the South East of England. Those that fared badly were TGN/FCC (with a satisfaction score of 43%), Southeastern (44%), Southern (46%) and Abellio Greater Anglia (46%).

Meanwhile, passenger satisfaction was 69% on First Hull Trains, 64% at Merseyrail and Grand Central,who operates the East Coast Main Line between Sunderland and London King's Cross, came out on top with 76% satisfaction.

Martin Abrams from the Campaign for Better Transport, said: "The Which!!! survey paints a bleak picture of expensive fares, frequent delays, overcrowded, dirty trains and poor communication from train companies to passengers. It is very notable that some of the busiest train routes around London and the South East are also regarded as offering the worst value for money. It's also telling that those franchises which are managed locally rather than from Whitehall tend to offer a better service."

Some Southern people will probably try and sidestep all this by painting a picture of the North where people don't complain about trains because they're better than the houses they live in, complete with outside toilets and tin baths in front of the fire and all that. Northerners meanwhile, will be returning the hostilities by saying that Southerners are soft and should quit their whining. Scottish and Welsh people, meanwhile, will reserve their hatred for the whole country and, as usual, everyone will ignore Northern Ireland.

One thing unites the whole of the United Kingdom though; trains - they're going to boil your blood with annoyance at some point or other.


  • Ian
    Service in the south east is utterly diabolical. Overcrowded, late, dirty, rickety shit-wagons.
  • Scrotal H.
    " late, dirty, rickety shit-wagons." Enough about the staff, what about the trains?

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