Which snack chocolate bars can you own brand? Result of taste tests are in!

It’s the week after Easter bank holiday, so what’s going to be forefront of your mind? Which chocolate bars to buy for packed lunches and general snacking of course. So if you’re not totally sick of the sight of the sweet brown stuff, you might be interested in a new investigation into the tastiness of favourite snack chocolate bars and their own-brand imitators.

Our serious consumer champions friends over at Which! are clearly chocoholics and, on top of their piles of Easter eggs, have been busy scoffing KitKats, Twixes and Penguins in the name of research just so you know where the best value price:taste bars can be found.

The seven lucky Which! testers all had to scoff a not-to-be-sniffed-at  17 chocolate bars, and each bar was to be marked out of 10. The tasters were not shown the packaging or name of each bar, (although presumably they could recognise the difference between a Twix-a-like and a Penguin impersonator) and the bars were given to each person in a different random order. Scores were  averaged to give an overall score for each bar.

Unsurprisingly perhaps, the branded KitKat and Twix chocolate bars came out on top in their categories but Sainsbury’s Polar Milk bars actually beat Penguins into second place, and cost 40% less than the branded 70p. However, Tesco's KitKat-esque bars (the Snappy) scored only fractionally lower than the real thing, and cost 37p per 100g less. Morrisons' 'Break' bar wasn't far behind on taste rating either. Lidl came second when compared against Twix, but was considered less crunchy than the proper ones.

Interestingly, Aldi's versions of most branded products come top of blind tests, but in these trials, their non-branded alternatives came last in two of the tests and second-to-last in the other, being described as ‘bland’. The full Which! results are shown below:


So, in addition to knowing where you might be able to shave some pennies on post-Easter chocolate, it also shows that Twixes are better than Penguins, but both are trumped by KitKats. Next week sees the face off between Clubs, Tunnock's Caramels and 80s favourites, Blue Ribands...

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