Which!!! say simplified energy tariffs are not simple enough

energy bills The energy companies may have simplified their energy tariffs, but Which!!! aren't happy: they're not simple enough! They think that consumers still don't know their arses from their elbows when it comes to working out how to get the best deal.

The watchdog challenged some people to pick the cheapest electricity tariff from the Big Six companies, using the new tariff structure introduced by Ofgem. Of them, only 35% were able to pick the cheapest offering.

31% picked the wrong tariff and 34% didn't think it was possible to work out what was going on. 41% felt the need to use tools to help their calculations and only half of them got it right.

Which!!! executive director Richard Lloyd said: "In spite of Ofgem’s tariff reforms to simplify the market, consumers are still failing to spot the cheapest deal because energy pricing remains too complicated."

"More radical changes are needed to fix the broken energy market. That’s why our Fix the Big Six campaign is also calling for a full competition inquiry, so that hard-pressed consumers can be confident that the market works well for them as well as shareholders, and that the price they pay is fair."

Is the real problem that energy bills are so tedious that no-one can actually be bothered to work them out?

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