Which of your appliances most likely to torch your house?

phone on fire As everyone knows, our houses are death traps. Everything is trying to kill us. From the shower trying to drown you, to those sparks that everyone ignores when they pull a plug out of the socket, we're all basically doomed.

We're going to look at stuff that will set your house ablaze though, and the appliances most likely to cause a fire. Just to make you prepared and paranoid.

And those folks at Which!!! have done an investigation to find the faulty appliances, in a bid to see which brands are most prone to going up in smoke.

After submitting a Freedom of Information request to the government, Which!!! found that nearly 12,000 fires were caused by faulty products between 2011 and March 2014.

It turns out that faulty washing machines and tumble dryers are more likely to catch fire than irons or your telly. And bad news if you have a Hoover washing machines or/and a Hotpoint dishwasher.

Here's a little graphic we stole from Which!!!


For the truly paranoid, who like figures, it was found that 175 Hoover washing machines caught fire between January 2011 and March 2014, which is seen to be 'disproportionately high'. Hotpoint, meanwhile, account for 38% of dishwasher fires recorded. Regarding the latter, Hotpoint have said that they're not having these findings, and they think it's inaccurate to draw such conclusions from a relatively small number of incidents where the cause of fire is not always investigated. Hoover chipped in with; 'yeah, what they said'.

Which!!! executive director Richard Lloyd said: "It’s shocking that some everyday household appliances can pose such a danger - washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers are often the appliances we leave on overnight or as we leave our house. More needs to be done to protect consumers from this risk and it’s crucial that products known to be dangerous are recalled as quickly as possible."


  • Peter T.
    I don't know if he counts as an 'appliance' but I reckon the most likely thing to torch my house is my elder son.
  • Joe
    Where is hair straighteners?

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