Where's Sir Allen Stanford?


  • Ross
    By the cotton candy, I see him, me me me!! What do I win ?
  • MikeBeaver..
    He's in Panama, that's where they all go to hide is'nt it? :)
  • Allen
    Here I am! ;-)
  • Joff
    I started looking then realised I didn't actually know who he was. Had you been doing your job properly Andy, I wouldn't have had to waste 10 seconds moving my hand about 12cm and pressing five keys on the keyboard to get Google to give me the answers I so desire. Now I know who he is I really can't be bothered to look for him, if Ross is to be believed he's by the cotton candy or as we British call it, candyfloss. Apparently Australians call it "fairy floss"... heh.
  • Joff
    Ross, my bad. I didn't realise the photo actually named the candyfloss stand as "cotton candy". Joff FTL
  • Andy
    Probably gone for a long weekend on Maxwell's boat.
  • Adam2050
    Under the CIA and FBI's noses
    Probably being lined up as a new financial advisor for the government, if he isnt in his first home try looking at his second public funded home
  • Honky S.
    Having a drink with Vaughan!
  • Slumdogging
    Has anybody checked under Kevin Peiterson's patio? 0.5 mill Stanford cost him apparently

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