Where to find cheap magazine subscriptions

We're big fans of magazines in the BW office. Andy keeps trying to convince us that all the interesting material can be found online nowadays, but you can't beat that feel of skin against glossy paper, and you can hardly hold a computer in one hand, now can you? No, as prolific as specialist content may be on the web, we'll keep flicking through our pages of pulped tree.

If you're a fan of foot high piles of back issues too, then the internet does have its uses, especially when seeking out a bargain. There are dozens of popular magazine titles available on three for £1 offers through the likes of MagSite.co.uk, as well as listings for trail issues and magazines that offer free gifts when you subscribe. It's not all free tea towels and henna tattoos either - a subscription to Total Film will bag you both the Matrix Trilogy and a De Niro trilogy on DVD. Excellent.

If you're wanting to order magazines from the US, then a good starting point is MagazineSubscriptions.net. However, check through the international options before ordering; the website only compares domestic shipping and you'll probably find (as we did) that there's little correlation between the cheapest domestic price-tag and the most affordable for overseas mailing, so shop around.

And of course, if you need to plug a gap in your otherwise resplendid and complete collection, there's always the magazine section of eBay. Say you're missing issue 81 of Murder in Mind magazine - you know, the one about Australian serial killer Eric Edgar Cooke. Well there it is. If you have a particular specialist publication in mind, then there no doubt a relevent website for you, although most appear to have been designed by a primary school in 1999; Backnumbers.co.uk have thousands of past issues of music magazines, while ILuvMags has a broad selection of television and entertainment magazines.

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