When your EPG has other ideas about your TV viewing

There's possibly a very short-lived feature in random EPG listings creating filthy messages to viewers, but it'd be hard work. So let's just join avid Bitterwallet reader Nick in suggesting that channels 104, 105 and 107 should perhaps be listed separately rather than consecutively. We won't ask what Nick was doing there in the first place, of course:

Bitterwallet - EPG FAIL


  • Mark C.
    My Talk Talk EPG occasionally offers me the chance to watch 'How Clean is Your Ho'.
  • tin
    presumably, not very?
  • Nobby
    How do you make a gay mate? Do you find a gay and become his friend, or do you take an existing friend and make him gay?
  • Marky M.
    @Nobby. Just move to Brighton and either of your scenarios will be sorted.
  • Smiff
    don't really get the joke, but what shit TV service makes you see adverts (and take up screen space that could be used for: showing you what's on) in the EPG? edit: oh i get it, the BBC red button channel is in between two porn channels, haha (not).
  • Nobby
    Not just porn, but gay sex, combined with shortening the word button to butt, which is where gay men stick their cocks for fun. And red as they have probably spanked their gayboy lovers beforehand.
  • Rakhi s.
    [...] When your EPG has other ideas about your TV viewing | BitterWallet [...]
  • AbbLisa
    @smiff have you been smoking spliffs? its also thatt its BBC Red Butt
  • hippy1001
    isnt bbc short for big black co.....
  • tin
    @smiff - that'll be any shit Panasonic TV manufactured since around 3 years ago. They seem to claim they have to do it.

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